Whatcha Lookin' For? Round 1

Today's my day off too... so this was written ahead of time.

The awesome Jenna over at Mom, The Intern, recently did a post about the crazy search keywords that have led people to her blog. I found it hilarious, so I thought I'd do the same. (Imitation is, after all, the finest form of flattery.) Immediately, I went in to my stats and pulled up this month's info.

So here for your enjoyment, are the top five search keywords that have led people to peruse these pages:

Number FIVE: 'Myst Cover'

MYST is an awesome story; one of Turner's favorites, in fact. We have the book pictured here which contains all three 'books' of the story. This was actually a computer game first, but the story behind the game is amazing, well written, and intriguing. Here's the original post.

Number FOUR: Sifting Wheat

I know. I thought, huh? When did I talk about sifting wheat?
When I was reading The Screwtape Letters, of course! Yeah! It's like the third photo to come up on a Google search!
Awesome, right?

The funny thing is, I actually got that photo from another site (Who IS attributed in the original post) but mine comes up before theirs... weird huh?

Number THREE: Tale of Despereaux

I really enjoyed reading this book, so I'm glad it's come up on the searches. 

"Being the story of a Mouse, a Princess, some Soup, and a Spool of Thread."

I wrote two posts on this. Here, and here.

Number TWO: Hogwarts Crest / Hogwarts Crest Large

This is actually number ONE if I look up the All Time top searches, but it comes in so many forms (as does the next one) that there aren't any other keywords to talk about!

I'm quite proud of this one actually. Again, it's the third photo to come up in a Google images search. Who woulda thunk it?

I love the Harry Potter books, as I'm sure you're aware. So to have this be one of the things that brings people to my blog... well, it makes me happy.

Here's the all time most popular HP post, Sweet Success.

And the NUMBER ONE top search keyword that is bringing people to Page Traveler Tales this month: 


I know what you're thinking, "Whaaaa? Sheep?"
But yes indeed. Everything from 'fluffy lamb' and 'cute lamb' to 'cute sheep' and 'baby sheep.'

Wanna know why?

Because one night, I couldn't sleep - so I blogged.

In fact, go right now to Google and do an image search for "cute sheep". THIS picture will come up, for THIS post. Who would have known I'd have such a popular sheep picture? Everyone's looking for cute sheep this November, and I have NO idea why...

Hope everyone is having an amazing four-day-weekend!
Rest up from all that Turkey eating, right?
See you Monday!

Sheep and Shambles,

Page Traveler

Dibo yibou ibundiberstiband mibe whiben ibI sibay ibI libove Hibarriby Pibottiber?


An honorable mention goes to the search phrase, 'Funny Horse,' which shows up in the "All Time" category, but not at all for this month... guess people don't like funny horses in November.

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