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For those of you who have been following along since a year ago, you'll know that I used to have a "family blog"... well, I still have it, I just rarely post there anymore. Last year around this time, Turner and I were discussing the Christmas traditions of our individual families... specifically, stockings. If you've heard the story, bear with me as I recap for those not in-the-know...

My Childhood Stocking
My family has always had cute little felt stockings, hand made by my mom. I've loved them my whole life. Each of us is a different character. My mom & dad are Santa and Mrs. Claus, I'm a ballerina, my sisters are a doll-girl and an angel, and my brothers are a snowman and an elf. When I married Turner, my mom made him one of a toy soldier (which is perfect cuz I'm the ballerina!) and when Monkey was born, she made him a monkey stocking. I love them. Seriously.

look-alike of Turner's
Turner's family, on the other hand, does store-bought stockings. They each get their own individual one, sometimes with a character on it, depending on how you want it. Turner's is Leonardo I think... you know, the Ninja Turtle. When I married in, his mom got me a beautiful blue and silver stocking with stars all over it (I love stars). For now, Monkey has a standard red with white fluff stocking, but we'll probably get him a special one sometime...

Well, as you might imagine, we are both quite attached to our childhood traditions. Turner called mine "hokey", and I called his "selling out." Either way, we both felt that the other's was a poor excuse for a stocking.

So which do we do?


We both knew neither of us would be happy with the other's idea, so we needed to come up with something completely new and different. I told him I really wanted something homemade. He said he wanted something he could personalize. We decided on...

Da da da DA! DENIM stockings!

Made from old jeans we don't wear anymore, I threw these together last night and I am SO proud of them!

Last year I attempted it, and failed miserably.
This year, I did it! And they actually look kind of cool!

In this pic is mine (the lighter one, made from the only pair of jeans I took on my mission) and Monkey's. The jeans Turner really wants me to use for his have a hole that I need to patch first (with his Converse patch no less) before I sew it together.

These aren't the final product, we'll probably get some white fluff to put on like a belt, and throw some pins and patches on there... maybe figure out a way to put our names somewhere on them too. I am just really excited that they turned out alright!

While I was at it, I also threw together a little Christmas gift for Monkey:

A super-J cape!

I'm not sure he'll know exactly what to do with it yet, but he'll figure it out eventually and by then it'll already be made :-)

Now I just need to finish Turner's stocking. Then I have to hem up the sleeves on one of his shirts, sew his scout patches back onto his scout shirt, and sew a button back onto a pair of his shorts, and my sewing adventures will be done for a while.

I am NOT a seamstress.

This is mostly just creative juices getting lucky... VERY lucky.

Stockings and Supercapes,

Page Traveler

What kind of stockings does your family have?
Did you have to change like us when you got married?

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