Review: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

My sister is one smart cookie. I listen to everything she says... mostly.

So when she recommended this book to me, I got excited! She said, "You can read the whole thing in like, two hours."


Then she handed it to me, and I saw that it probably weighs in at five pounds. A whopping 533 pages.


But true to her word, I read the entire thing in UNDER two hours! This book is incredible. It has a cute little story about a boy named Hugo, and interspersed in the text are the author's own drawings of the events, as well as movie stills from some films of the time period. Thus, of the 533 pages, there's probably only 100 pages (more or less, I didn't count) of text.

It's like watching a movie in book form. You've gotta try it.

Hugo is very mechanically minded... can fix almost anything. In the process of him rebuilding an invention his father found, he himself gets re-invented. It's pretty awesome. I won't say any more... just go read the book. You can get it from the library.

Clocks and Cogs,

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Read the book first, but check THIS out too :-D I thought it'd be kind of silly to do it, but now that I've seen this, I'm kind of excited for it.

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