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I used my birthday as an excuse to invite specific awesome Potter-Head friends over for an in-depth discussion about the Potter world and characters. Here, I'd like to share some of the discussion topics we covered. If you have any thoughts feel free to share them...

First we went through everyone by way of introduction to talk about how we first learned of/became addicted to the Harry potter books. The stories were varied and hilarious.

Secondly, we started the discussion by asking, will the Harry Potter series endure the generations as a great literary work? (Like, for example, Lord of the Rings, or The Chrinicles of Narnia.) And what will effect that endurance?

We discussed this for some time, eventually coming to the conclusion that (as one person summed it up), reading HP is like going to Disneyland, and reading LOTR is like going to Venice. Both are great, and both are fun, interesting, and enjoyable, yet completely different experiences. You'll have some people who will ALWAYS choose one or the other, and some who will gravitate toward both equally.

Next, the question was asked, "Where did Voldemort's wand go after his attempted murder on Harry?"
This one was more about guesswork and remembering details that aren't spelled out in the book.  In book 4 we assume that Wormtail has V's wand, and hands it to him when V regains his body. But even before that, we know that V used THAT WAND to break the memory charm on Bertha Jorkins, AND when he killed Frank Bryce. 

But, still, Wormy could've been the one to give that wand to Voldy when he found him in Albania... I believe we eventually came to the agreement that Wormtail HAD to have picked it up from the Potter's house after the attack, and taken it with him... possibly hidden it in or around the Weasley's, or just had it on him while he was a rat (that's another discussion entirely... where do clothes go? Glasses and things stay a part of the witch/wizard, what about wands?)

Next, we talked about the leadership figures in the series. The initial question was, besides Harry, who would you follow as a leader? The consensus leaned toward Neville, but as a product of Harry. Because we have to assume that if Harry hadn't been who he was, Neville may not have become the figure he did. the same holds true for other characters who have leadership qualities, like Ginny, Luna, Ron and Hermione.

The other thread of that is that Harry, as a leader, was often not much more than a figurehead in the grand scheme of things. But the thing that made him who he is, is the fact that when all other options were exhausted, and when he had tried everything else, he stepped up to the plate and took care of things. For example:

Book one: Goes to the teachers, Dumbledore's gone, no one believes them, Harry says, "we're going to stop Snape." He goes, R & H follow.

Book two: He knows where the chamber might be, they go to Lockhart, he's an idiot, Harry says, "we're going." R follows.

Book three: Harry believes Sirius and Lupin. R & H follow.

Book five: Harry says he's going to the ministry. The others follow.

Book seven: Harry goes after the horcruxes. R & H follow.

See what I mean?

Anyway, we had some awesome discussions, and it will definitely be something to repeat as often as possible. Thanks for traveling today!

Hallows and Horcruxes,

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What are your favorite book-club-type questions?

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