Love Me Letter 7

It's time for "Love, Me" Monday!

Write a little note to the noun of your choice, (person/place/thing) and post it on your blog.

Then leave a link to your letter here in the comments! Start the week off with a little love...

Dear November,

You are probably my favorite month of the year.

(Shh... don't tell the other months...)

When you come around I always get the best things. My birthday is at the beginning, then Thanksgiving toward the end, and with you comes the wonderful cooler Arizona weather that I love so much.

(Side note, Dear Arizona, I love you, but I could survive without the record breaking heat...)

I love seeing leaves fall from trees, and stepping on the crunchy ones. I love getting to wear sweaters, and jackets. I love making hot chocolate (though I do that year round, it tastes better when it's cold outside). I love the fact that When you come around I know Christmas is just around the corner (but that does not make December better than you - you're still best even though Christmas is my favorite holiday).

November means autumn, harvest, gathering, and gratitude. All are things I should remember all year round, but I get a great reminder in you every year.

Thanks, November. you're the best.



What's your favorite month of the year, and why?

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