Love Me, Letter 6

Welcome to "Love Me Monday!" To participate, just write a letter to whomever (or whatever) you want. Then leave me a link in the comments to share the love. Start the week off on the right foot - the loving one.
...whichever one that might be for you.

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for an awesome birthday.

Ice cream, blondies, Harry Potter, pizza, hot chocolate, discussion, and general awesomeness abounded.

Thank you for letting me have my way in every single disagreement. It made me feel loved. I know that sounds silly, but it's the truth.

THANK YOU for watching Monkey during our party. It really made things so much smoother than I could have anticipated. Everyone got to stay as long as they wanted, and we had some awesome discussion. I owe you cookies... or perhaps company on a girl's night sometime soon ;-)

Amy, Hero, Ryan, Mandy, Nicole, and Dan,
Thanks for coming and helping me throw an awesome book party! We totally need to do it again because it was so much fun. I loves all your comments and questions, and input. And thanks so much for the presents! You all are way cool kids.

Turner's family,
Thank you for helping us get the tables and chairs, and for all the freshly slaughtered beef for burgers. It was GREATLY appreciated, and even more greatly enjoyed :-)

My family,
Thank you for the awesome new grill! It worked great, and was so fun to use! And thank you for homemade pizza and the amazing blondie dessert (mmmmmmm..........) it was fantabulous to a T.

It's been a long crazy weekend. Thanks for putting up with Mommy's celebrations. You are hereby allowed to sleep as long as possible to recover. Enjoy.

All my Facebook friends,
Thank for the wonderful wishes! It makes me feel so loved and appreciated to hear from everyone.



P.S. ...two questions...

1. What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

2. Do you prefer cake, or ice cream, or both together?

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