Halloween Review/Birthday Preview

Halloween is over, and it was fun.

As mentioned on Monday, I've not been able to do much for Halloween, but we still hang out with family, dress up, and have fun.

Monkey went as a pirate. 

And what a cute pirate he was.

Turner and I went as "black eyed peas."

And me...

Wow... I look creepy in that picture... sorry about that.

Halloween was fun, but I'm looking forward to this next weekend...

My birthday!
Harry Potter book discussion with awesome people who know the books inside and out...
And dessert...

Wow... the pic makes it look like a chorus of angels should be singing...

And really, they should.

I MADE this... I call it:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie.


It was easy, and fun; and I will be making more for the par-tay.

Congrats to those who have been invited.

Happy Halloween, and Happy birthday to me!

Cakes and Candy,

Page Traveler.

What were you for Halloween?

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