Thoughts on Editing...

Last week, I was asked by an author friend to look over her manuscript (which I'd already read for entertainment and loved) to specifically look for typo's and errors.

I'd been at it since Saturday, and I finished yesterday. I have to say, I actually had a LOT of fun doing it!

It's nice to be of help to someone in that way...
especially when I'm being asked for it. I know I'll need help like that... I've already had some people read my book and tell me spots where things aren't working, or point out little errors to me... which I love! Because it helps the story, anything that can be fixed, should be. And especially if more than one person is telling me that something feels weird, it's a good sign to me that I ought to make big changes.

I've never really been an English nut, and there are some grammar rules I couldn't care less about... but when it comes to the basics, I think I have a pretty good grip on what makes a story flow.

For example...

If you're in the middle of a really great kissing scene, and a word is misspelled, or missing?


That's how I feel about that.

So hey, if you are writing something and need an editor, I promise I'll do the best I can and I won't charge your right arm for doing it... I'll look for little typo's, and let you know when I think something doesn't fit, or isn't explained well, or sounds weird... I'm not a pro, but I have good taste. And that helps.

And if you're not writing something, then just comment below and tell me you think it's cool that I can now say "Mother, Wife, Music Teacher, indi-Writer, AND indi-Editor."

Red Pens and Hi-lighters,

Page Traveler

Which bothers you more - little typo's, or inconsistencies (i.e. holes in the story, or something that contradicts something else)?

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