Shift; by Jennifer Bradbury


I picked this book up ONLY because the title was one I wanted to use for a book series I have in the pre-production stage... (like my mix of literary and movie terms there?) Luckily for me, the premise is completely different, and I feel okay about using it.

: : : SPOILER ALERT : : :

I read the first chapter on Thursday, and was a little turned off at first. The two main characters are a couple of young men: best friends, fresh out of high school, and their language slips from time to time. On Saturday evening I went back to it and immediately got sucked into the second chapter. I literally did not stop reading until I'd finished it at 2 in the morning.

Ask Turner.

The characters were so real, I truly felt for them in the journey they faced. They were funny - I laughed out loud a number of times, again, ask Turner - and totally relate-able. There wasn't really a "bad guy," though you think there might be....

Let's talk about the title for a bit... SHIFT in this book firstly refers to gears on a bike, but also a couple of other things. It is symbolic of the change we all go through as we grow from children to adults, and the change in who we need in our lives once that first change happens. Here were these two boys, going on a crazy "road trip" and through the course of it they changed. They became different people. They realized they each needed different things. At first this was difficult for them but in the end they accepted it and parted ways; still friends, still having all the old memories, but no longer in need of the other. In the end you're left with a feeling of joy swelling your heart.

The end tells me that no matter who you are, or what you do, or who your parents are, or your best friend, or what people think you ought to be - the only person you should be is you. And if you can't be the you that you want to be around those people, find a place where you can.

I hope that's not too ambiguous... Even though I've given away a bit of the ending, you really should read it. Like I said, there are some swear words (no f-bombs, but some milder ones are present. If this had been my copy I'd have just blacked them out), so if you don't like that, stay away from it. But if you can look past them, you'll see a beautiful story of a couple of kids finding themselves.

Bikes and Black Eyes,
(you'll have to read the book!)

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When I graduated, I did some stage shows, and went on a mission. 
What did you do after high school to "find yourself?"

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