Love Me, Letter 5

*Sigh* I give up. Nobody ever participates, so I'm gonna stop asking...
You'll just get to enjoy my letters, and if you feel inclined to write one yourself, please share it with me...
I'd love to read it :-)

Jack Skelington
via, no, I did not carve any of these pumpkins...
I found this one thru google.
Dear Halloween,

I like you. You're fun.

I'm not a huge fan of so much candy, but I can look past that; I mean, it was great when I was a kid.

I think my favorite part of your holiday is the dressing up. I love parties, and pumpkins, and friends, and food, and everything else...

But having a perfectly legitimate excuse to dress up and make a spectacle of myself in some way...

now that's fun.

I didn't carve Perry either,
but I know the guy who did. Awesome.
I apologize that we didn't do much this year to celebrate. The budget's a bit tight, so we had to make do. We're lucky that we have a pirate costume that fits Monkey, and Turner and I decided to go as "black-eyed-peas"... pictures to come.

I am sad to report that we haven't carved our own pumpkins, and we haven't put up any decoration (wow, what grinches we are...)...

But we ARE going to parties! In fact, we've already been to one! It was Saturday.... and I forgot to take my camera. Monkey was loving the strobe lights and black lights, and pumpkins, and music... it was awesome to the max-izzle, I tell ya.

the piece de resistance...
via Awesome Amy
And tonight we are crashing TWO parties! One family deal, and one creep-tacular deal... (that's Mandy's... we're planning on it, it'll depend on how Monkey's feelin)

So anyway, I just wanted to let you know, I DO love your holiday, and I enjoy it every year. I'd love to someday be the cool lady who organizes tons of Halloween events and makes really cool homemade decorations and costumes, and when I'm rich, I will do that...

you have my word.

Pumpkins and Pirates,

Page Traveler

What's YOUR costume???


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