Love Me Letter 4

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(Yes, that's a Harry Potter book...
he did this on his own.)

Today's letter is to Monkey...


Dear Monkey,

You are so adorable!

There hasn't really been anything this week that you've done out of the ordinary, but the cuteness levels have definitely increased lately. You often climb up to the bookcase (as in this picture) and pull down a random book (sometimes HP, a dictionary, the scriptures...) and start flipping through the pages. I love it! Your little kid books just aren't cutting it any more I guess.

One of your favorite things lately is to run through the sprinklers.

Though I'm not the best photographer, and my phone is terrible with photos, I'm actually quite proud of this one.

(You can barely see Monkey back by the building, in front of the door...)

You love the water, and now that it's not flipping hot outside, I don't mind staying out there to watch you have fun.

You have also learned how to communicate when you're tired.

You know that your plug (pacifier) and Red Bear (that red blob between the chair and the bucket - his cuddle-buddy) are only for sleep-time. So when you get tired, you either go in and get them, or you ask for them. Usually you'll go down pretty easily after that, and we love seeing you snuggle into your blankets in your awesome big boy bed.

Also, you've gotten very good at saying your ONE word - "GOoooooooo!" It makes us smile :-)

We love you so much little buddy. Hopefully we'll be able to have a little sibling for you soon.


Mom (Me)


Thanks for traveling today!

What funny things did you do or say as a child?

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