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(Fifty cool-kid-points to the first person to correctly identify the movie from which the title of this post was taken...)

Today I have a story to tell.

In October 2003 I went on a trip with a bunch of other young-single-adults from my church. One of them was my best friend, and others were good friends from high school, and yet others were random people I'd never met. The trip was organized by a husband and wife who love YSA's, and always had us all over to their house every Sunday evening for fountain soda, snacks, nachos... but I digress...

On Oct. 30th, we all played hooky... Halloween Hooky.

FIFTY of us (I think there were 50, maybe it was only 30...) hopped on a plane in Phoenix bound for California. We proceeded to crash three theme parks in three days:

Knotts Berry Farm,

Six Flags Magic Mountain, and

Universal Studios.

Six Flags was the best of the three... 
I'm just saying.

It was a great trip, and we had a ton of fun, but that's just the beginning. During the trip, my best friend Erin kept a little notebook of some of the interesting, funny, or otherwise random things said during the trip. Some of which are mine, and I will note those with an asterisk ( * ) I offer no explanations for any of these except to say that they were all said in real time, not made up, and recorded immediately. Following are some of the best... enjoy.
(Names have been changed)

* Will you say something stupid?

1- I just kicked his trash!
2- (later)You [already] kicked me once!

I'm hot stuff!

We found one of those blower things in the bathroom and went *WHOOSH!*

Katie, don't come out naked, okay?

I am a professionally underpaid lumber monkey.


Are you ready? (x500,000)

I need to use the bathroom...
(said by one particular guy thirteen times... yes, we counted)

Save a tree... eat a cow.

* Restraints are good... they are happy things.

AAAAAAAAUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (x1,000,000... roller coasters)

You're gonna die!

You have bubble things...

Barf schmarf...

* Hey guys! Guyyyyys!!! ...nevermind.

And we're like (nod) and he's like (nod)...

He's uh.... he's really nice.

Yeah, he thought it was some weird cult thing... having so many kids.

Okay, do you think he's gonna wanna know YOU, or 20 girls?

1-(reading) Restaurants are good...
*2- No, 'restraints!'

Guys are never that gross.

Put a freakin-nother car on the freakin ride!

I smell like the zombie.

What fun.

Shirt - Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.
Guy in our group - Girls are stupid. Throw a log on them.

Have you ever thought of getting liposuction... on your eyes?

I got the deluxe.... uh..... burger.

You look terrible...

Brian's in the bathroom for the 84th time...
(said by "Brian" himself)

1 - Dad, Skyler's a selfish brat.
Skyler - Yes I am.

You're just walkin around, let it go.

1 - I do have some pretty unusual bruises...
2 - From the abduction?

1 - Not everyone would jump in the toilet...
2 - You can't just jump in, you gotta' swim around a little.

I can't wash that finger, it picked Kevin Bacon's nose!

Just call me Quasi.

I wanna pick the guys nose!

As the mom, I say you're fine.
(The trip momma/chaperone)

And I still have Brian's pants...
(said by the trip momma... don't worry, no hanky panky, that's what makes this so funny)

I'm an animal!

Hey ladies!

But I might fall out!

Brian's a nut.

* Brian's hot. Mike's hot too.

Gotta have some meat on them bones, not just chicken legs.

What is that burning thing? Oh yeah, backdraft.

* 1 - Ow! Freezer burn!
2 - No, brain freeze!

Is you're finger alright? Are you experiencing any trauma?

We are responsible for making sure you have fun.
(The trip dad)

The truth hurts kid.

Wow Jacob, you really parked bad...

Gotta get some action...

He looks at his blind spot and all he sees is Aaron!

You wanna smell my armpit?


Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Bugers and Backdrafts,

Page Traveler

What fun trips have you been on? 
What silly things have you heard or said that are hilarious in and out of context?

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