Traveler of All Trades

Today I’m tooting my own horn.


I do a lot of things. I’m quite talented, you know.

Not only do I read and write, as you see so much of on this blog, but I also teach music (piano and voice lessons), I babysit ($20/day daycare!), I’m a skin care consultant (for NuSkin Enterprises), I’m learning the ropes of Essential Oils (possibly to become a consultant for doTerra), and I’m seriously considering starting a small blog design business to help people make basic buttons and banners and such...

Wait, there’s more!

Along with all that, I manage to keep our house clean and organized most of the time, I am raising our son and plan to home school him myself, I love to cook new exciting meals for my wonderful husband, and throw a party here and there just for fun.

See! I do it all!

You wanna’ know something funny? I really truly do all that stuff, and I didn’t even realize it was that long of a list until I actually wrote it out. Most of it has become habit by now, so I don’t really think about it.

I’m considering starting another blog to offer all of my random services. It would definitely make me an official business. What do you think?

Talented and Tinkering…

Page Traveler

P.S. What do YOU do that not many people know about?

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