September 11th, First Thoughts

In honor of the tenth anniversary of 9-11, this week will feature series of guest posts from some amazing writers, who also have blogs of their own. Today's post comes from Erica, at Good Job Momma, who is a good friend of mine in and out of the blogging world. She's a great mother to her adorable little girls, and an amazing woman to boot. Also, I should mention that this is probably the first time she's ever written something so serious for a blog post. She's hilarious. So make sure you give her some comment love, both here and on her blog.

If the earth could stand still, this would have been the day.

I remember very well, which means a lot cause I have a terrible memory.  I woke up and greeted my younger brother with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!! IT'S YOUR GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! (turning 11 on the 11th) I went about my business getting ready for school. I was 14 and in the 9th grade.  I made my final preps by going into my parents room to check to see what the back of my hair looked like (vain I know) and my dad was just starring at the TV. He is usually watching something in the morning while getting ready so I didn't think anything of it.

I was finishing up when my dad seemed to notice I was there and he told me to come look what was on TV. I started watching and I was having a hard time following what had happened. My dad said a plane crashed in a tower in New York. My heart sank, all those people on the plane, the people in the building. We kept watching a few more minutes when the second plane crashed. I turned to my dad and asked, "Wait. what is going on?"

I did not know anyone in the area or know of any of my friends that had family there, but I remember being on the verge of tears all day.  Every class at school that day was us watching the TV for more updates, the pentagon, the plane of people in Philadelphia.  Nobody said much that day either.  I think we were all just trying to soak in all the terrible things that were happening.

This day to me means so many things. It's a day to celebrate with my family for my younger brothers birthday. It's a day for me to remember so many friends and family who have helped fight and are currently fighting to keep our country safe, and it's a day for me to be proud to live where I do. 

Thank you, for letting me share with your amazing readers! :]

Much love & God Bless.

Question: What was the first thing you felt when you found out what happened that day? -PT

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