Rumplestiltskin; by the Brother's Grimm

It is really hard to type that flippin' name...

Read the tale here.

In an effort to find stories I can twist for creativity purposes, Turner and I looked up this crazy-named-tale. As soon as I began reading it, I remembered hearing it when I was younger.

The miller wants to impress the King, so he lies and says his daughter can spin straw into gold.

Ok, first mistake... what kind of father would do that to his child? I mean, sure, he couldn't have known that the king would lock the girl in a room and make her spin the straw or die, but couldn't he have come up with something a bit more realistic? Seriously...

Anyway, so the king throws the daughter in a room and says either you spin this into gold, or I keel you... She has no idea how to do this. I'd be pretty angry with my dad at this point I think... But then, along comes Rumple to save the day! He says, "What'll ya give me?" and she gives him a necklace. Next night, same thing only she gives him a ring. Third night, he makes her promise to give him her first child.

Second mistake... promising to give your first child away, especially when you're marrying the king. Whether you know or not if you're gonna have one, that's just a bad idea.

So a year later along comes the midget to collect the kid. She says "*gasp!* No! Don't take my child!" He gives her three days to guess his name.

The girl gets lucky. That's the only moral this tale has. Her servant finds the little man dancing around his fire in the woods announcing his name to the world. I mean, how much more random can you get?

The end is gory... I don't like it.

The Grimm Brothers are just a little too over the edge for me, ya know? Even the movie was creepy.

On another note, let's talk about the Rumple in Shrek: Forever After. He seems like a pretty good depiction if you ask me. He makes deals. Isn't that what the Rumple in the original tale was doing all along? Getting something for something?

My dad didn't like him... thought he was annoying. Well Dad, he's the bad guy, ya know? they're kind of supposed to be that way...

My favorite part about him was the wigs. "Wolfie! Get me my angry wig."

So MY moral of this story is: be HONEST, (don't lie to impress anyone, just be yourself) and be SMART (don't make promises before thinking them through. You might not be as lucky...).

Little men and stupid girls,

Page Traveler

Have you ever made the mistake of lying to impress someone, or making a promise you couldn't keep? How did you deal with the consequences?

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