Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

Seeing asTurner and I have been watching Tangled a lot lately, I decided to read theactual tale. And I didn’t have time to find it online, so you’ll have to do ityourself if you want to read it.

Honestly, Ididn’t like it much. First of all, the only thing I learned that I didn’t knowbefore was that the “rampion” vegetable that the birth-mother of Rapunzelwanted from the witch’s garden was actually called (in German) a Rapunzel. Sothat’s where she gets her name – a vegetable.

Second, the Rapunzelin the story “marries” the prince by saying yes, and then they *ahem* makebabies. I don’t like that, because they’re not actually married, and she can’tleave with him at that point.

One thing Idid like was that the witch’s name really is Mother Gothel. I guess I only likethat because it shows me once again how smart Disney/Pixar really is… are.Whatever.

Anotherthing I liked was that the story of Rapunzel in “Into the Woods” is quitesimilar to the original. Having been in the show, it made me happy.

Overallthough, it didn’t leave me with a happy feeling. Mainly because the witch nevergets punished for her actions, and Rapunzel and the prince just seem too snottyto me. They got their punishments though, and I suppose that if they “did theirtime” they deserve a happily ever after…

The Rapunzelin Tangled falls, not for a prince, but for a thief. Even though she was raisedby a conceited crushing false mother, she still has so much good in her (which,I think, comes from the flower that helped save her mother’s life). She is morereal, and more relate-able than the girl in the fairy tale.

What areyour thoughts? Do you prefer the Disney/Pixar version of Rapunzel? Why, or whynot? What can we learn from the fairy tale, besides where she got her name?

Thanks fortraveling!

Veggies andPrincesses…


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