Puss In Boots, by Charles Perrault

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Even though I've seen Shrek, I have never actually read the tale of Puss in Boots until now.

And the version I read was a little different from the one I found online, mine actually had two morals printed in after the tale itself ended, which I thought was nice... I'll share them with you in a moment.

As for the story itself, I really enjoyed it! The cat saw his master's sadness/shame/sorrow, whatever you want to call it, and used his clever-cattiness to make it all better for him!

What a good kitty.

Most cats in fictional stories like this, tend to be portrayed as shrewd, cunning, etc. Until Garfield came along, of course. I've always thought of cats as being sort of mysterious, almost mystical animals.

As does Shrek, this story actually has an ogre in it! I thought that was pretty funny. Though I don't think Shrek can change his form.

While I was reading the story, it seemed very predictable, but still pleasant. Even though I knew what was coming, I didn't get bored. I was enthralled with the cat's ingenuity every step of the way. One thing that sort of threw me off, was how well the Marquis of Carabas played along. I'm sure he ended up much better off than either of his brothers...

Which brings me to the two morals I mentioned, printed at the end of my copy:

However great may be the advantage of enjoying a rich patrimony, handed down from father to son, in general, industry and knowing how to get on in the world are worth more to young men than inherited property.

Let's talk about this one first. How many times do we wish that we could inherit a great sum of money from a random long-lost-relative? I know I've thought of it... But it is true, that knowing how to use the things we have to our advantage is far more likely to last us, than a check. Did you know that the majority of people who win the lottery return to their pre-lottery financial state within a year of winning? But if you look at people like Donald Trump or Steve Jobs, they have made fortunes, and lost them, and simply made them again. Because they know that all it takes is determination, industry, and belief. I believe that.

Another Moral
If the son of a miller can so quickly win the heart of a princess and make her gaze at him with languishing eyes,  it is only because clothes, a good appearance, and youth are not the least effective ways to inspire affection.

Eh... double negatives... What that means is, If you want people to like you, you should make an effort to look nice. Wear clean, well-fitting clothes, have proper hygiene, choose the hair/makeup/beard styles that make you look young and attractive. These are what will attract people to you. Have a job interview? Do these things. Have a blind date? Do these things. You get the idea.

All in all, a great story. The cat was the smart one though, not his master. How fun would it be to take care of someone like that? I mean, obviously the cat benefited (his original motivation was so that his master wouldn't kill him) but it's great that he did something to help someone else.

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What are your thoughts? Did you like the story? Do you ever wish a cat would come along and help you like this? What kinds of things would the cat do in today's world?

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