Potter Kids #1

Today I want to share with you a little fan fiction ditty I wrote up just for fun while we were on that family reunion a few weeks ago. It’s not very long, and if I’m being honest with myself, not very good either. (HaHa!) But I thought it was cute anyway. Since you all know I’m an avid Potterhead, I thought you wouldn’t mine me sharing. If you don’t know who the characters are, or what’s going on, then please read the final chapter of Book 7. Enjoy!

I thought this was too cute not to use!

                Albus stood rooted to the spot, unable to move.
                “Potter, Albus?” Came Professor Longbottom’s voice once more.
                “Albus, go!” his cousin Rose whispered behind him, and gave him a gentle push.
                Slowly, he took one step after another up to his fate. He felt he would rather be at the bottom of the lake he just crossed than where he was now.
                He turned to face the house tables, and sat slowly down on the small stool. Before he was ready for it, Professor Longbottom dropped the Sorting Hat onto his head.
                Then he heard it.
                Hmmm… Another Potter… the hat said sarcastically. I suppose you feel you deserve to be in Griffindor, as your father before you?
                Yes? Please? Albus thought. He knew that his father had said Slytherin House would still make them proud, but Albus felt he wouldn’t be able to bear the taunting from his elder brother if he was placed in the snake house.
                I see great cleverness in you, young man. Slytherin House would indeed be a perfect atmosphere for you to cultivate your mind.
                No, please… not Slytherin! Anything but Slytherin! His heart was breaking. Hadn’t his father said that the hat would take his choice into account? Why wasn’t it working?

                Aahh… I see your father has shared with you his experience. Well, you must know that sometimes a certain student is meant for a certain house. You have fear concerning this? Why?
                Albus was confused. Fear? I am not afraid.
                You do not fear being placed in Slytherin House?
                I… I’m afraid of… Then his father’s words came to him again. No. I do not fear that. I feared what my brother would do, but… he’s my brother. He wouldn’t make fun of me if it actually happened. I know that.
                Hmmm… I see. The hat paused in thought. Albus gripped the sides of the stool so tightly in anticipation that his knuckles were turning white.
                I see your trust. I see your logic, and courage. You do indeed have great potential, and would do well in any of the houses. But only one will be your home. It will be… GRIFFINDOR!
                Albus opened his eyes as Professor Longbottom removed the Sorting Hat. He hopped off the stool, and headed straight for the Griffindor table, where his brother sat cheering.
                James smiled and gave Albus a light punch on his shoulder as he sat down. “I knew you’d be in Griffindor. I would’ve renounced you as my brother otherwise.”
                Albus grinned wide, knowing that James was only teasing him. Then, looking between all the cheering Griffindor’s surrounding him, he saw the headmistress smiling at him. Then she winked, and he knew at that moment that he would definitely enjoy his time at Hogwarts.

For you fellow Potterheads... I feel like I didn't get the Sorting Hat's voice quite right... What do you think it would say to Albus Potter? -PT

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