Love Mom, Letter 15

Welcome to Love Mom Monday!

The rule is, take a minute to write a love note today. Write to your spouse, your best friend, your sister, parent, whoever, and comment below telling me who it is, and why you love them or are grateful for them. Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off with a little more charity J

Dear Monkey,

You have been so amazing lately. You're starting to say more words, you practice your drawing every day, and you're learning more and more by playing with all your awesome toys. You've been very patient with little "Rosie" (a girl I babysit 4 days a week) as she's learning to be nice, and you're both learning to share with each other. 

*Funny Story* 

On Tuesday last week, you and Rosie were in the bedroom watching a movie while I was out in the living room folding laundry. Rosie kept closing the door, and it was scaring you (I think because you know you can't open it yet). So I went back a few times and told her to leave it open, but she kept closing it. To solve this, I placed a thick flip flop in the crook of the door (you know, where the hinges are?) as a door stop. I left and forgot about the whole thing. I thought all was well... until I heard the door slam shut. Forgetting that I'd put a stopper in, I went to open the door, but it was stuck... dragging across the carpet... what?

Yeah. Little Rosie doesn't know her own strength.

So she got sent to the corner while I screwed the screws back into their now stripped holes... The door was fine for a day or so, but then nit worked its way out again. Luckily our landlord was brilliant and mentioned that he'd probably just get some of those little screw-reinforcement-deals... and I realized we have some! So i got them out, and he out them in, and the door is now all fixed and hanging just the way it should be.

Another thing that you've done well these past couple of weeks, is learning to sleep in your big boy bed! We got you new sheets and blankets for it, and you got so excited! Then you continued to fall asleep on the floor for a while. Now, however...

You are so cute in your "Cars" pajamas, sleeping in your "Cars" bed with your Lightning McQueen pillow. I love coming in at night to check on you. Sometimes you're still on the floor, but mostly you do a good job of staying on the mattress. We're very proud of you :-)

All in all, it's been an eventful couple of weeks, and we've made it through unscathed. You are adorable, Monkey. We love you so much, and can't wait to see what you grow up to be. Thanks for being such an awesome kid. It makes being parents worth it.



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