Love Mom, Letter 14

Ahoy Travelers!

In honor of the fabled holiday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’m gonna’ write me letter today in Pirate speak. Arrrrr…..

Ok, maybe not, but I have to say that this holiday is hilarious to me. Though if you look it up on Wikipedia, the origins and what’s come of it are completely ridiculous, and a little blasphemous from a religious perspective…

Welcome to Love Mom Monday!

The rule is, take a minute to write a love note today. Write to your spouse, your best friend, your sister, parent, whoever, and comment below telling me who it is, and why you love them or are grateful for them. (If you’re up for it, give your comment in Pirate!) Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off with a little more charity J

Dear Monkey,

I’m glad we’ve gotten to spend more time together this week. It’s rough on me when you give me your cute little “Blue’s Clues” sign, and I can’t turn it on because Netflix doesn’t work right now. I’m so glad you’ve been happy with other things like playing with swords or blocks or cars.

One of my favorite things to do is watch you draw. You love and enjoy it so much, and you work hard, putting effort into every drawing – it makes me excited to see what else you’ll accomplish in life.

Your little mind works in funny ways sometimes. You constantly make me laugh. I love your smile, and your sweet excitement for anything fun. I love seeing your sign language get better every day. You don’t speak vocally yet, but I’m glad we taught you some signs so that we can communicate at least on a basic level, especially now that you’re asserting your independence. J

I love you, little Monkey. Thanks for being such a cool little kid.

Parenting like a Pirate,

Page Traveler

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