The Fairies, by Charles Perrault

I likeCharles Perrault’s stories… in the book I have they all have morals printed atthe end that get me thinking.

I alwaysliked this story… mostly, I think, because of the jewels and prettythings.  Thinking about it now, I like iteven more. I understand that people have the freedom to do or say whatever theyplease, but being kind is always better than not.

I see thisin my own life, in my relationship with Turner. When I get tired, I get grumpy,short-tempered, impatient, and irritable. I often say things that I shouldn’t,or in a way that sounds worse than I meant it. Often, I find myself having totake a step back, calm my voice, and repeat what I said, very carefully, in theway I meant it to be heard. Poor Turner has to deal with this every day. Butwhen I take the time to realize what I’m doing, and apologize for my actions,things work out.

Here’s thefirst moral in my book…

Diamonds and doubloons make a more powerfulimpression, but sweet words have even more force, and are of greater worth.

I think thisis absolutely true. When we see someone all decked out in a name brand designerdress/suit, with expensive jewelry or accessories, we tend to think, “Wow,they’ve got it made.” But if that same person comes out and starts swearing(toads and snakes baby) they automatically appear less appealing. At least forme… do you agree?

Next moral…

Courtesy is worth the effort it takes andrequires a little good nature, but sooner or later it has its reward, and oftenwhen one least expects it.

This makesme happy. When I see people with riches who really aren’t happy, and aren’tkind, it makes me sad. But knowing that kindness and courtesy reap their ownrewards (sometimes monetary, sometimes in other ways) it’s encouraging. I thinkof Christ, when He said, “Let not thy left hand know what thy right handdoeth.” And though we should not shout about the good deeds we do, we need toremember that the Lord blesses us when we serve and give kindness. Even a smileto a stranger can bring us blessings, and we should have our arms open toreceive them.

I loveknowing that because God loves me, He wantsto bless me. Turner and I definitely need some blessings, and as such, havebeen trying to live our lives so as to deserve them. I know we’re not perfect,but I believe perfection comes with time (lots of time) and help from the Lord.In the meantime, we do the best we can, and have faith that the blessings areon their way.

Thanks fortraveling!

Gems and Gentleness,


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