Done And Not Done...


I met mygoal! I can’t believe it… I was a week behind, but I caught up and it’s done!

Book One ofmy Trilogy is complete!

Well, theeasy part is... Now comes the editing, and polishing, and re-reading, andre-writing… For the genre I’m writing in, the book is actually VERY short. Frommy research, I've found that most fantasy fiction novels are around 80,000 to110,000 words… mine is under 40,000. HA! Yes, I’m not kidding.

I wrote it really fast. Actually, I starteddeveloping it back in March I think, and by the beginning of August I’d onlywritten three chapters and a prologue. So I set a goal to finish it bySeptember 30th. I knew it would be hard, but I did it. Seventeenchapters in a month and a half, and they’re the BARE BONES of the book. Ialready have lots of ideas for things I need to put in, that need to beestablished before the second and third books.

I reallydon’t want to submit it yet, since it’s completely NOT ready, but I’d like tostart doing that around December or January. If that’s going to happen, I’mgonna’ need some help.

I have three friends who have said they’d like to help me edit, and I’ll take any more thatare willing! 

>>hint, hint<< 

You’ll have to agree to someguidelines, as it is MY story. But I’m a beginner, so I’ll definitely take allthe help I can get. (Payment will be in cookies, email me if you’re interested,

I’m veryhappy with the basic storyline, but like I said, it needs a lot of work.Hopefully it’ll be ready in a few months and I can jump into the fray ofliterary agents, submissions, critiques, and more.

Also, I’msad to say it, but after I share Chapter Ten, I will be deleting all of thechapters from my blog. I need them to be un-published, so I feel like I’mtaking a big risk even sharing that much. But I feel like Chapter Ten is a goodstopping point. If you want to read past that, you’ll have to volunteer toedit. :-D

Thanks somuch, Travelers, for being supportive and helpful! I love writing to you everyday, it makes my life a little brighter knowing that I have friends out there.

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