Dating My Blog?

I’ve recently run out of internet access, and as such haven’t been able to put the links to each day’s posts up like I normally do. Here’s why… we’re sinners, and borrowed one of our neighbor’s unlocked networks without their knowledge… and now, they've moved.

Go ahead, throw the rotten tomatoes…

I guess I shouldn’t be worried about stats and such, and in talking with Turner about it, I realized that it all comes down to the attention I get. There’s some sort of “high” that comes with knowing that people like to read what I have to say… it makes me feel important somehow…

Do you feel that way about your blog?

Do you enjoy seeing that people have commented on a post, or that your page views shot up?

I totally do. I honestly didn’t realize how much I liked it until it was gone. Now that I haven’t had internet access for a week (except for 30-60 minute intervals when I can run off to the mall – free wifi!), part of me feels like I’ve lost something… that would be my blog and facebook access, and the ability to read all the fun stuff that other people write too.

But there’s another part of me that says, “What? That’s crazy. You’ve lived without internet access before now, and you can do it again.”

But then I say to myself, “Yes, but before, I didn’t have as much of myself invested into the internet.”

Then my self says, “Is that a good thing?”

And I don’t have a comeback for that one yet.

Blogs are great tools. And all the Social Networking sites that go along with successful blogging are great tools as well. A person can really make a difference if they do things the right way.

I’d like to make a difference in peoples’ lives… I’d like to think I already have. But does that mean that my blog is more important to me than my family? Absolutely not.

I blog for my family. Actually, when I first started, I had (and still have) high hopes of being able to get paid from my writing. I’m working on a couple of short stories that I’m planning to submit to a literary magazine contest where the winner gets a thousand dollars. I’m constantly looking for things I can write about to submit to other magazines for publishing. I’m nearly done with my first novel (the first draft… it will definitely be in need of some editing).

I have so many ambitions for my writing. It’s the first thing apart from my family that I’ve felt truly passionate about in a long time. It helps me relax, it makes me feel intelligent (though my critical thinking still needs work), and it’s my own little project that I can throw myself into.

And it all started with this blog.

I think that’s why I cried (yes, go ahead and laugh) at the thought of not having internet. All the dreams I’ve been nurturing for the past nine months or so began with this blog. The idea of not having consistent daily access to it was literally painful.

I know, it sounds bad… believe me, it was.

{in my defense, it was late at night, and Turner and I were both reeeally tired and frustrated, so I made it more dramatic than it should have been}

In the days since that conversation late at night, about having or not having internet, I’ve realized that my relationship to my blog was, perhaps, a little too strong. It, and other people’s blogs, and social networking sites, were taking time away from my family and from me taking care of our house. I won’t say that everything’s been spotless since the incident, but I have been able to do more, because I’m not spending all my time with my laptop.

If we do end up getting internet (which, it’s looking like we might) I believe it will be time to seriously cut out the things that take up much of my time online. Only read the blogs I really love to read, and keep Facebook closed. (I seriously am addicted; I realized that last week…)

So that’s my plan. As for now, I can’t do my daily posts on FB and Twitter and Google+, but even when I do, that’ll probably be all I do.

It’s time to break up with my blog.

Blog, I like you, but I need more time with my family. Let’s just be friends.

Thanks for traveling!

Blogging and Blubbering,

Page Traveler

P.S. Your thoughts? How do you feel about your blog? What would you do if your internet suddenly went out?

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