A Timeless Tradition

When I was growing up, my family watched a few movies over and over and over again. One of those movies was The Princess Bride.

It's such a great movie, for so many reasons.

So when a wave of nostalgia hit me yesterday and I popped the DVD in, I also made sure that Monkey had one of his movies going in his room.

What I didn't expect, was this:

Monkey came in, sat in his high chair, laid back and watched the movie with me for about 30 minutes!

What's really funny about it, is the fact that he was totally entertained while either Vizzini or the Man in Black were on screen, but whenever Humperdink came on, he got bored and turned away!

It really made me so happy to see my kid love a movie that I loved so much growing up. It's become "a long and glorious tradition" for my family. The movie came out when I was about three. We never saw it in the theater, but I honestly don't remember not having it in the house. There was a time (I think it was right after I graduated from high school) that I watched this movie once or twice a day. Seriously, I could probably act out the whole thing myself, I know it so well.

What makes this film so timeless for me, is that not only is it a "whole" story, in that good triumphs over evil, but it is simple, funny, and a testament the the strength of True Love. True Love conquers all - no matter what.

This scene is one of my absolute favorites... though there are many of those.

Here, Buttercup finally learns the Man in Black's identity: Westley, her love.

They'd just had an argument, but it is irrelevant now. I'll just quote it, and then explain my thoughts...

W: Can you move?

B: Move? You're alive! If you want I can fly!

W: I told you I'd always come for you. Why didn't you wait for me?

B: Well, you were dead.

W: Death cannot stop True Love. All it can do is delay it for a while.

B: I will never doubt again.

W: There will never be a need.

This is exactly my feelings about True Love. Real Love is not only a physical reaction, but also a spiritual state. It fills us up completely, to overflowing. The times I've felt this the strongest were (1) when I prayed to feel God's love for me, (2) when I got married, (3) when my son was born and laid on my chest, and (4) every time I look into my husband's eyes.

I love that a movie portrays this so well. It's rare in movies now.

Another part I love is the Miracle Max scene. I had a friend in high school with whom I could act out this scene without a hitch. We had a love/hate relationship, so it worked really well!

This kind of argument sometimes happens between Turner and I. Though it's never funny. At least in the moment, maybe it is after the fact. Hey! There's an idea... what if every time we began to argue, we had to do it in those crazy voices? That'd make for either much shorter arguments, or much greater frustration...

So there you have it... one of my favorite movies of ALL time. I love this movie even more than the Harry Potter films... and you've seen how I am with those... (Review 1-7.1 Review 7.2)

Thanks for traveling today!

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P.S. Do you have favorite childhood or family films? What are they? Did it teach you anything? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else! 

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