The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde

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Seriously, read it before reading the rest of this post. It'll take you five minutes, and then you'll know the ending before I go and ruin it for you...

Go on, I'll wait....



Ok, you're back? Good.

I was really enjoying this tale and then the end seriously threw me off. Don't misunderstand me, I love allusions to Christ, I think they teach about the Atonement in a way that is easier to understand sometimes, I just really didn't see that one coming.

The tale itself was so adorable, and very true-to-life. When we turn out the good things, (children, flowers, etc) then the good things tend to stay away from us.

It goes back to what I talked about in this post. When you're focusing on the bad (i.e. I can't stand these darn kids in my yard) then bad is what you're gonna get (i.e. winter even through spring). Real life experiences may not be that nature-defying, but I'd imagine they sometimes get pretty close.

If everyone could have the kind of eye-opening moment that the Giant has, the world would be a much happier place.

And as for the end, I think it's a little out of place personally, but it makes sense. The Lord wants us to do good. If we've done wrong in the past, it IS possible to change, and still be accepted into the Paradise of God. Even if you're a mean old selfish giant.

Question: do you ever complain? I challenge you this: every time you catch yourself try to think of two or three things your grateful for. I've been doing this lately, and it's helped me a LOT. 

(See an ant crawling across my counter, I squish it and think, "I'm grateful I have a kitchen to cook in, and I'm grateful for my new stove/oven." Get it?)

Thanks for traveling today!

Giants and little ants,

Page Traveler

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