Part Two: Courtship and Marriage

Page Turner and I are very, very blessed to have been together for four years now, and to have been given such an amazing little boy as part of our family. If you missed it, read Part 1 of the story of how Turner and I met. Here is Part 2. Enjoy!

When we left off, I had just found out that Turner was dating someone. A really awesome girl, by the way, who I have a huge amount of respect for (even though at the time I was a little jealous....) She is smart, funny, hard working, and dedicated. She's been through some hard times in her life, and it's only made her stronger.

At the dance I mentioned, where I found out she was dating Turner, I remember sitting next to her, watching Turner dance with someone else and telling her that she was really lucky to have a guy like him. I sincerely meant it as a compliment, but I think she got a little jealous at the thought of someone thinking her man was as awesome as she knew he was...

Anyway, about a week passed, and I spoke in my church the following Sunday. A lot of my friends came (including the "other" guy, with his fiance... yeah, that was rough...) and I was pleased to see Turner there. His lady friend had been feeling sick, or something, so didn't make it.

See, we dance!
Then, that Tuesday night (11 July 2007) was the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Well, you know how we are about those HP movies... He went with his family. I hadn't even known about it until ten o'clock that night, when my best friend called to say she had two extra tickets to the showing, and would I like to come? Heck yes! So my younger brother and I headed out.

On Turner's end, he was sitting in his theater waiting for the movie. His lady was supposed to have come with him, but decided last minute not to, as she had to work early the next day. But the sad part came when she called him (while he was sitting in the theater) to tell him she didn't think it was going to work out between them. She broke up with him then and there.

Now, Turner had a history of getting very attached to his lady friends, and break-ups had always been pretty hard on him. It would usually hit him hard, and take him a while of wallowing before he was up to dating again. But, when he told his mom (who was with him) what had just happened, he felt okay with it... "Which was weird" he says in retrospect. His mom was freaking out a little, waiting for him to break down, but it didn't happen. He was fine.

So we all watched the movie... which was great, by the way.

As my brother and I were leaving the theater, I was being really dramatic about something or other from the movie, and making a big deal, when I heard someone call my name. I turned, and there was Turner walking up. He had just left his family, (still reassuring his mom that he was okay with the break-up) when he saw me.

> > > insert chorus of angels < < <

Not really. We stopped and talked about the movie for a bit. I asked him how his lady was, and he casually mentioned that she'd broken up with him (though he hadn't said when, I don't think). At this point, I seriously had two completely contradictory reactions going on inside me.

1. I was honestly, sincerely hurt for him. I had, after all, just been through a break-up-of-sorts myself, and I knew how it felt.

2. I was absolutely ecstatic.

On the outside, I told him I was sorry for his break-up (and I truly was). I then told him to call me sometime, and we'd hang out. He said he'd like that.

Inside, my heart was literally about to jump out of my chest! I was so excited!

As we walked away, I remember saying to my brother, "I don't know who that was back there, but it wasn't me." I felt like someone had taken over my appearance and vocal cords for me because my insides were going too crazy to control anything else. You may laugh at this, but it's the truth!

The next night, Wednesday, we met at a dance. After, we went to Sonic for drinks and tater-tots. We sat in his car talking until about one in the morning. We shared a hug, and I remember our arms just seemed to fit us together. It felt perfect.

Thursday we talked on the phone for an hour or so.

Friday we went to lunch. I had a blind date that night, set up by another friend. I went with this other friend, his date, and my date to a different dance studio. About halfway through the date, Turner showed up. He asked me to dance, he asked the other gal in our group to dance. He didn't crash the date, he just nudged in a little.

After my date had dropped me off, I got a call from Turner asking how my date had gone (ridiculous) and if he could come over and see me. I said yes. We went for a walk around my neighborhood. It was the first time we held hands. It was that night we decided we were serious, and would date each other exclusively.

The next night, Saturday, I went north to stay with my best friend at her family's cabin for the night. Turner called me on my way up, and told me that his former lady friend had called and asked if they could get back together. He had turned her down. He said, "If I didn't have you, I don't think I'd have had the strength to tell her no."

Talking on the phone later that night, we decided (this might sound funny to some) to not kiss each other for at least a week. I'd kissed a lot of guys in my time, and I regretted moving so quickly into the physical side of relationships. I wanted us to get to know each other better before that element came into play.

We made it until the following Friday morning. I would be flying out of town that day, so he came to my house and woke me up early in the morning. We drove to a small mountain, hiked up, and had breakfast while the sun rose. Then had our first kiss.

(Incidentally, if you're planning to kiss, peanut butter is something that should be avoided... we know now.)

I got back the next night, we went dancing, and when he dropped me off at home he told me he loved me. I returned the compliment.

We dated for four weeks. Then on Friday, 10 Aug. 2007 (four years ago TODAY!), we went with a group of friends to stay at my same best friend's cabin for the weekend. He and I hiked up to a place called First Lookout.

As the sun was setting, he proposed.

I panicked.

I started crying and saying things like, "I don't know," and "I'm not sure!" "How do I know?"

Not the exact view, but it did look like this...
You see, in our faith, marriage is a BIG deal. There are no re-do's, with very few exceptions. I had known for a long time that when I got married, it would last forever. So even though I had known this would be coming, even though I knew he loved me deeply, as I loved him, I wasn't entirely prepared for it.

Turner was amazing. I know now that he had been intensely hurt by my reaction of fear, but he stayed calm. He talked me through everything we'd talked about in the previous weeks. We prayed together. And soon, my heart was sure. So what did I do?

I told him to ask me again.

You should have seen the poor guys face...

After being rejected once, he looked near defeat. But he did it! He asked me again, "Will you marry me?"

I said, "Yes."

We hugged, and laughed, and cried, and had the hardest time getting down off of that blasted mountain, because by this time the sun was way down, and it was dark. Eventually we got back to the cabin and told all our friends that we were engaged (even though we didn't have a ring yet) and they were all happy for us.

The date was soon set for December 19th, 2007. We were married at 5pm in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple.

We're living happily ever after...

and that's just the beginning.

Thanks for traveling with us!

Page Traveler

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