"I love weddings... Drinks all around!"

Fifty Cool Kid Points to the first person to correctly identify the source of the title of today's post.

I just so happen to know of two couples who are getting married this weekend, as well as one who is having a second reception in town because she got married in another state. Plus my husband's cousin just got engaged to an awesome girl I was friends with in high school. There may even be more going on, but those are the things I can think of at the moment...

Plus, our fourth un-iversary is coming up next week, and I thought it would be fun to remember some of the fun times I've had with Turner.

Un-iversary: noun; meaning the day we got engaged. More convenient for us to celebrate, since we made the *mistake* of getting married in December rather than sooner like everyone told us to... my fault, I was stubborn.

Today will be part one: How we met, and how we really met.
My side of the story.

I was about to turn 21. I had my mission call to serve for our church on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. I would leave to report on November 30th. At the time, I was a member of the Del Sol Ballroom Dance team sponsored by the local Religious Institute. We had practice every Tuesday and Wednesday night.

On Saturday, October 21st, Turner returned home from serving his mission in Viña del Mar, Chile. The following Tuesday his sister took him to hang out at the same Institute building. He, (by the insistence of his sister I guess), joined in a game that I happened to be playing. It's a hard game to describe... a bunch of people lay in a circle with their feet up, while one person stands in the middle and falls onto the feet. They basically get tossed around until someone loses it from laughter and everyone collapses. It was good fun! Anyway, my friend fell on him, and he became part of the group. He joined the dance team, he had rhythm, but wasn't the best... yet.

Me with my companion from Nigeria at the MTC.
Over the next few weeks, Turner and I hung out after dance practice talking about mission stuff. He was still in mission-mode, and I was totally gearing up for it. We went on one date, but nothing serious developed. In fact, I kind of started dating another guy at the time, (a single make-out session incidentally... we'll call him the fling guy) and after I left for my mission, I'd completely forgotten about Turner.

I served for nineteen months. The fling guy got engaged, then married. The guy I 'd liked in high school (we'll call him... the other guy) had returned home from his mission, and everyone was writing me telling how awesome he was, and how they hoped I'd marry him.

In the mean time, Turner dated a really nice girl we both love *cough*Megan*cough* and had some adventures in Texas selling Home Security Systems... he says, "never again..." Also, his mom kept encouraging him to date my younger sister, but he kept telling her, "no, I can't, because I kind of want to date her sister, and that'd just be weird..."

When I had been out for a little over a year, Turner's aunt and uncle were called to serve in the same mission as I. He casually mentioned that he knew a sister there, and to tell her he said hi. Well they came, and his uncle was quite persistent. At first, I honestly had no idea who he was talking about. "Who says hi?" It took a few weeks of him asking me if I remembered to actually remember. I had a lot going on at the time.

Ten days before I would be released, I received news that the other guy, my high school crush, was engaged.

This one was a lot harder to get past than the fling guy.

I know this sounds dramatic, but I spent about thirty minutes kneeling at the couch crying and praying for the strength to keep going. I knew I had a mission to finish, and I needed to stay focused. I think those two things were what kept me sane.

A few days later (once I'd gotten my head back), one of my roommates asked me, "So, now that he's not an option, who do you want to date when you get home?"

I probably should have mentioned, when we serve, we don't date. All time and energy is spent doing the Lord's work.

I tried to think of the guy friends I'd left behind. A few came to mind, including Turner. I went through describing each of the guys I thought had potential dating possibilities, and when I spoke of him, my roommate freaked out and said, "That's him! He's gonna be the one, I just know it!" I remember thinking she was being funny, but wondering if she'd be right.

Turner, at the time, was dating an amazing gal who was a couple of years older than he, and really wanted to get married. They'd broken up briefly, and got back together the day I got home.

I returned home and was released from my missionary calling on June 27th, 2007. That night, my family had a party and I got to see all my friends and family. It was so much fun! The next night, my sister took me to a dance studio to see a bunch of old dance friends. Turner, as it turned out, had become the captain of the aforementioned dance team, and when it was disbanded he got a job teaching dance professionally for Arthur Murray International. That night, I went to the studio where he worked.

I was amazed at what I saw. I'd seen a few of my guy friends already, and none of them caught my eye like this guy did. He danced with me a couple of times, and I found myself being swept off my feet unintentionally... Then I found out he was dating someone.

Oh well...

Stay tuned for Part Two... and keep an eye on the comments below, Turner may just share some details I might have missed.

Thanks for traveling!

Page Traveler

P.S. In a nutshell, how did you meet your other half? If you don't have one at the moment, where would you like to meet them :-)

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