Love Mom, Letter 9

Hello fellow travelers. As of today, I am inviting you to participate in the tradition. You don't have to be a mom to participate. Just write a letter to someone you love. It could be your spouse, a friend, a neighbor, a sibling, grandparent, etc. But take the challenge. Write a letter, and spread the love. Heaven knows we could do with more.

If you post your letter, you're welcome to use my nifty little "Love, Mom Monday" icon, and link back here to let people know where you got the challenge. I feel a great deal of love for my family, so I thought it'd be nice to let others to have what I do in their lives. So think of someone you love, and write to them. Public or not, on your blog or on paper.

Go on, spread the love.


Dear Monkey,

You've been so funny this week!

Ever since we got home from California you've been talking up a storm just like your cousins (though, not yet in a language we can decipher). It was VERY difficult keeping you quiet during church yesterday, let me tell ya...

Then you got really tired during nursery time at church, (plus you were teething, and I'm thinking you were constipated too...) so Daddy took you home for a nap. When you woke up, we rubbed some of our awesome new Essential Oils (more on that to come) on your little tummy to help you feel better. It sure loosened you up though, because you've had lots of soiled diapers, and it gave you a rash :-(

Sunday's always seem to be rough on you kiddo.

But, again thanks to our oils, your rash should be gone by tomorrow.

Other than those unhappinessess, you've been making us laugh more and more every day! You love playing with Daddy when he gets home from work, and you had an absolute BLAST at the pool on Saturday! (even if  Mom did forget to bring the towels...) You are so full of love and trust, it amazes me that we've been given a blessing such as you.

You're finally (at 19.5 months) starting to grow out of your 12 month clothes. I say starting because, for example, your pants are finally fitting you around the waist, but now they're too short for your legs. And your shirts fit nicely around your arms, but are too small to go over your growing noggin.

You're a tall skinny little Monkey.

It always throws me off when I have to go through your wardrobe to take out the small and insert the large... the next-step-up clothes are SO BIG on you! It's hard to believe you'll ever get that size.

Sometimes I want to believe that you'll stay my tiny little Monkey Boy forever...

Alas, it is not to be.

Monkey, 11 days old.
There's a poem I like, that Daddy shared with me a couple of months after you were born:

"Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait til tomorrow,
For babies grow up,
We've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs.
Dust, go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby,
And babies don't keep."

How true that is, in so many, many ways.

I cherish every moment with you, sweet boy. Thank you for coming to us.



For your entertainment: Water Fun. Enjoy.

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