Love Mom, Letter 12

Welcome to the 12th edition of Love, Mom Monday! Consider yourself invited to participate in the tradition. You don't have to be a mom to participate. Just write a letter to someone you love. It could be your spouse, a friend, a neighbor, a sibling, uncle, grandparent, etc. But take the challenge. Write a letter, and spread the love. Heaven knows we could do with more.


1. Post the letter (on your blog or FB, or wherever).
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Dear Monkey,

Oh my sweet boy... I forget how hard your life must be sometimes.

Between new teeth, growing pains, and us packing you all over the place, you get pretty tired and worn out, but you always have fun.

A couple times this week, you woke up at 4:30 am, WIDE AWAKE and ready to go! You even handed me your plug ( our word for pacifier) and your teddy bear so I could put them away, and you pointed to your bedroom door to go out and start your day!

Well, let me tell you somethin' kiddo... 4:30am is NOT awake-time. It is SLEEP-time.

The first night this happened, your cry sounded scared and hurt, so I went in and cuddled you for a few minutes (I love cuddling, because you don't do it very often anymore) and then tried to lay you back down. Well you were having NONE of that. So, to save my sanity, I put a movie on for you, closed your bedroom door, and went back to sleep.

You were happy until 6:30 when the movie ended.

But that's usually when Daddy and I get up anyway, so on we went with the day. You went down for a nap very early... 8am I believe.

It happened again a couple nights later. But this time, I was prepared. I went in to make sure you weren't hurt,  gave you your plug, teddy bear and blanket, laid you down, (while you screamed at me) told you I love you, and left the room.

I told Daddy, "I'm giving him ten minutes. If he's still crying, I'll go lay him down again."

You were quiet in five.

This is actually how I got you to fall asleep on your own from the time you were too big to swaddle (about 4 months). You got to the point where you could work yourself out of even the toughest-houdini-swaddle we could invent, and I knew it was time to move on. It was hard at first. I started with five minute intervals, and moved gradually up to seven, and then ten. Ten worked best. If you didn't fall asleep in ten minutes, (which you usually did) then you weren't going to sleep at all.

So here we are now, at 20.5 months, getting your two-year-molars, and growing pains.

Your second birthday seems just around the corner!

Can you please just stay little forever? I love you this size...



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