The Goose Girl, By the Brothers Grimm

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I decided to read a few fairy tales and write about them here. This was one I had never even heard of, and I really liked it, except for one bit.

I'll try to not give anything away while I tell you what I think.

We have a princess who, on her way to a neighboring kingdom to be married, was forced by her ambitious maid-in-waiting to switch clothing and roles, or she (the maid) would kill her (the princess). She was also sworn to secrecy, so that the maid would be the one to marry the prince betrothed to the princess.

Upon arriving, the princess was given a job tending geese.

I think the thing I love most, is that through her heartache and trial, knowing that she is being mistreated, knowing that she deserves more, she kept her word. Should she have done? Who can say. But she did. Obviously fear must have kept her quiet for the most part, but from her behavior of class, elegance, and humility, I'd like to think she kept her word partly out of honor as well.

The part I don't like is at the end. The maid gets punished, and the description is a little gory... But hey, it is the Brothers Grimm.

Have you ever kept a secret you felt you should not have? If you took the time to read it, what else do you find relate-able?

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