Fun Stuff Friday #2

Today I want to show you just ONE product that seriously SAVED my sanity when Monkey was a newborn... for all you soon-to-be-mom's out there, take heed. For reals.

May I present:
The Miracle Blanket

If I can afford it, I get one of these bad boys for every friend or family member having a baby. If I'm going to your baby shower, it's a pretty good bet you'll get one of these. If I went to your shower and you didn't get one, I apologize profusely... I was probably strapped for cash. I won't lie, this is an expensive gift when you've got five or six preggo friends at any given time...

Here's my story:

When Monkey was born I was so excited to finally meet him. But I'd spent the whole pregnancy reading about pregnancy, and not about actually HAVING a baby and taking care of it (strike one). The first week was really hard on me. Feeding every two hours,changing, playing, trying to take care of myself, trying to keep the house clean-ish (strike two, totally unnecessary), and trying to heal, took up a lot of my time and energy. Too much in fact.

One morning, I got chills so bad that I couldn't move. Turner laid in bed with me, and got me heating pads to help warm me up. Finally my body calmed down and I was able to feed Monkey. But after Turner left for work, they came back. I was so scared! I could barely text my mom and my doula to try and find out what the heck was wrong with me. My mom texted back to say she was on her way, and my doula called to get more details, but while I was talking to her I threw up all over the bed! (Strike three! You're out!) I felt so humiliated, but worried too because I still didn't know what the issue was...

Looking back, I can see that my body was in shock. I hadn't been eating enough, or getting enough sleep, and I was probably taking too many OTC drugs too (I know better now...). But that night, a friend from our church visited us to see how we were doing. I mentioned how tired I was, kind of in passing, but he must have sensed that it was more serious. When he went home, he told his wife and asked if she had any ideas that might help. She immediately came over. She showed me how to help Monkey with his gassiness, wrap him up in their miracle blanket, (which they let us borrow... it was pink, poor Monkey) and also lent me a book that helped her when her little girl was born.

The change wasn't immediate, but within a week or so we had a pretty good schedule going. Monkey slept best wrapped up in that blanket, and swinging in his baby swing. I'm not kidding, he slept only in his swing from the time he was two weeks until he was around 3 months.

If I could afford it, I would make sure that all of my friends and family had one of these, and knew how to use it. It doesn't have any weird straps, snaps, velcro, or anything that can hurt baby. It's just a nice, carefully designed blanket that works almost every time. Check out this video...


That's exactly how Monkey reacted. I'm telling you, this thing is a miracle.

What products have you seen or used on babies to help them be happy?
What tricks would you suggest to someone in the position I was, or physical exhaustion?

Thanks for traveling today! See you Monday!

Babies and blankies,

Page Traveler

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