Fun Stuff Friday #1

Welcome to the first ever edition of Fun Stuff Friday! This may be a weekly thing, or it may turn out to be bi-weekly, or just whenever I find an awesome product or two to spotlight. But whenever I do it, I will be telling you about a company I love, and a product (or ten) of theirs that I have found useful in my life. So here we go!

Since I took a day last week to shamelessly plug my favorite blogs, I thought I'd take today to shamelessly plug one of my all time favorite companies and its products. I'm a big fan of being healthy, and using the best products possible to do it.

Nu Skin Enterprises has been around the block. Started in 1984 by a group of college grads who wanted to produce skin care products without all the harsh chemical fillers, it has grown into an impressive international direct-selling company with markets in 48 countries around the world, from Europe to the Americas, and the Asia Pacific Region. (Read about the Board of Directors if you're interested.)

Here are some of my FAVORITE Nu Skin products, that I seriously use on a daily basis.

This, is called Antibacterial Cleansing Gel. It's basically a shower gel, but it's gentle enough that you could use it as hand soap too if you wanted.
This is the Body Bar. One of the highest selling products ever.

I should mention, all of Nu Skin's products are pH balanced, which is really rare in stuff you get at the grocery stores, or even at the department stores. Most soaps, toners, face washes etc. are very alkaline, which is just as damaging to the skin as acidity. People don't really notice it until they feel the difference themselves.

I was getting a mild form of eczema on my right hand. It had been irritated by a ring I was wearing, plus me doing dishes every day and washing my hands all the time while dealing with a one-year-old, it was getting worse. To fix this, I started wearing gloves to wash dishes, but it only marginally helped. Then I replaced the soap in my bathroom with this Body Bar, and not even a week later, it was completely gone. I love it.

This is my face wash.  It has 10% active vitamin C.

It smells sooooooooo goooooooood... and when you put it on your face, the vitamin C kind of warms up a little, doing it's cleansing thang, which makes it feel amazing as well.

I love it...

This is a happy little product that I do not use. But Turner does! And I love it when he does... This is the men's shave cream. It gives him the closest shave he's ever gotten in our marriage, and it makes me very happy. So I keep it in stock.

You wouldn't think chapstick would be that important, but in Arizona, it is. And this is my favorite. I cringe when I forget it and have to borrow someone else's fruity-waxy-junk... Give me a simple stick that will do it's job protecting my lips from damage, and I'm happy.

I couldn't find a picture of the bottle, and if I take one of mine it'll look terrible compared to the rest of these... This is my makeup. It's not a foundation, it's a moisturizer... a tinted moisturizer... oooooooo....

I love it. It goes on so light, and yet it completely covers any blemishes and smooths out my skin tone completely. Best foundation I've ever used. Ever.

Since that was a bit long, I'll save some for later. I have a lot of products that I love from Nu Skin, and their sister company Pharmanex, from doTerra Essential Oils, from Shelf Reliance, and even some faves from Wal-Mart.

Be on the look out for the next installment of Fun Stuff Friday!

Thanks for Traveling!

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P.S. What do YOU use? Shower wash, shave cream, hand soap, chapstick, makeup... tell me about it in a comment or an email, I'd love to hear! Feel free to share this post with your friends too, invite them to travel with us!

And if you're new here, find a way to travel along! We have lots of fun :-)

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