Next reading project: Fairy Tales, starting with one I've never read before, The Goose Girl, By Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. I'll post my review on Tuesday.

I was going to do another "FunStuff Friday," but I wanted to tell you about a little project going on in the "Page" Household...

You know that big black box people use to watch colorful, entertaining things?

Yep, that's the one.

Well, I've been bugging Turner about how he watches too much. Not only how much he watches, but what he watches too. So Tuesday evening, laying in bed, having our nightly pillow talk, I mentioned something... When I was in high school, one of my local church leaders challenged us, to go without television for a whole week, in preparation for a big church meeting the next Sunday. 

My family did it. It was hard, because we were used to watching TV all the time, but we did it. 
And you know what, I liked it.

So Turner (the smart guy he is) says, "Ok, fine. You wanna do this, let's do this." 
(I'm paraphrasing...)

So, since Tuesday night, we have had no TV, no audio books, no Facebook (except for me to post about the blog) and no computer (except for creative purposes i.e. blog writing, and book writing). Music was encouraged, which is great. The only exception we've made was Wednesday and Thursday nights, when I went to our cousin's house to watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. It comes once a year, and I'd already made plans to do it, so I did. 

(Except that thirty minutes from the end of the show, Turner called me to say that Monkey had been scream-crying since I left, and would I please come home...*sigh*... it's just a show... it's just a show. I did come home, and I'm glad I did. I just had our cousin text me who won...and my prediction was correct. Go Melanie Moore!!! I'll just watch the last thirty minutes when it goes up on the site Monday night so I can see her reaction :-) )

It's definitely been an adventure, this "no tv." I've done "no tv" days with Monkey here and there, but never for this long, and I actually really like it. I still get things done (more, if truth be told), and I spend more time playing with my favorite little guy! Taking that small (well, sometimes bigger than small...) distraction away, has changed the feel of our home. We talk more, we actually get to bed on time, (well, when Monkey isn't sick...) and we're way more productive. I think this is a good thing. 

I'm not saying that TV or Facebook or audio books are bad, but this has definitely shown us that less is more. If we can be diligent in limiting the amount of time we spend doing those things, we'll be happier.

I should say, we don't actually have TV, we have Netflix and a dvd player. So we're watching past episodes of Blues Clues and Sesame Street, or X-Men and Power Rangers, or home making/remodeling shows... either those or movies.

How do you feel about Television? Do you limit how long you spend watching it? What about Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc?

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear!

Thanks for traveling,

Page Traveler

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