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When you have twenty minutes, watch this video presentation. You'll be glad you did.
Sir Ken Robinson has some wonderful insights on education and creativity. The ideas he explains here are some of the reasons this blog began - that is, a chance for me to better myself, and an effort to help others do the same.

I've watched this presentation before, but a friend of mine posted it to Facebook the other day and when I watched it again I felt more than ever that it needed to be shared.

I would love to attend one of these TED Conferences sometime. Sir Ken Robinson is a very good speaker, in my opinion; he always says what I wish I could say, and he says it perfectly (and with humor, which is the best). 

My favorite part is the story of the choreographer. I was the same way in school. I was smart. I learned what I needed to, and I always passed my tests, but I only enjoyed the social aspect of being there. I wanted to please my teachers and my parents, up until I was in 5th or 6th grade. It was at this point that those mentors encouraged me to test into the accelerated classes. I went for it, but fell asleep during the test, because I got so bored. I didn't want even more pressure to perform than I already had, I wanted to do what I wanted to, not what everyone else wanted.

Anyway, if you watched the video, you've already spent a lot of time here, so I'll end by saying I hope we can do what this man suggests, to shift our thinking and realize that the education system we have, though it has some strengths, is very flawed. 

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What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy school growing up? Do you think you would have enjoyed it more if you had been able to choose what you wanted to study rather than having certain subjects emphasized? I'd love to hear, in a comment or an email. And feel free to share this post with your friends so they can comment too.

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