Sweet Success

My house, is a shambles.

The sink is filled with dirty dishes.

The laundry baskets are filled with dirty clothes.

The carpet needs to be vacuumed.

The tile needs to be swept.

And lots of things that are just lying around need to be put away.

But I'm okay with this. You know why?

Because I threw a ROCKIN' Harry Potter Party on Saturday night.

And I'm still recovering from the awesomeness.

My amazing friend Erica let me use her house for it (because I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment that really isn't sufficient for entertaining more than three people) and it was PERFECT!

When you walk in her front door, you see the Sorting Fedora

(yes, we had a sorting hat, fedora style), 

and a bunch of magic wands we had for sale,

then you walk into the kitchen and grab some wizarding snacks... (and some muggle decided to bring cupcakes too, which was great).

The Pumpkin Pasties were my favorite...

Shout out to Lisa at My Life... the Short Edited Version for making those, they were absolutely divine!

The Cockroach Clusters were really very good.

They were sweet, salty, and had a pleasant crunch as you bite into them...


The Acid Pops turned out great, I was quite proud of them...

The Cauldron Cakes were delicious... yummy chocolatey goodness...

They also came in the green and purple variety.

The butterbeer was SOOOOOO good...

I modified the recipe found HERE to make it more party-friendly...

We basically had cream soda in a dispenser, and you add a couple of tablespoons of butterscotch syrup (the ice cream topping, we used Smuckers) and mix it up! Then you can add whipped cream if you so choose. Everybody really liked it :-)

We didn't get a picture of our licorice wands, but they were JUST like this, and tasted great!

Going further in, you come to the Tournament Entry Board. Anyone who wanted to enter had to answer four VERY tough questions. The total points possible was around 55, and the highest score we got was 53. The top four scoring contestants got to compete in the tourney. Let me tell you, these four were a-ma-zing. There were some questions on there that I thought were WAY too hard, and they got them RIGHT!

Seven categories, with seven questions each.

(Because seven is the most powerfully magical number, of course...)

First place received an awesome framed poster of the Griffindor House Crest.
Second place received her choice of a magic wand.
Third place received an authentic Gringotts Gold Galleon.
Fourth place got a handshake. :-)

It was SO much fun. I have to give some shout outs

To Hero London who helped us judge, and brought some way cool potion bottles we used for decoration.

To Erica not only for letting us use her house, but also for helping us set up & decorate, and for going out for paper goods when the person who was s'posed to bring them couldn't make it on time.

To Mandy (a new bloggy buddy) who was awesome and took most of these cool pictures I've shown you.

And to my love, Turner, for being so wonderful and helping me to make this happen. It was such a perfect way to get hyped up for the movie release on Thursday night, and we can.not.wait. to go.

The end is coming...

Are YOU ready?

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What do you think of our party? What's your favorite thing about the Harry Potter world? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this or anything else in a comment or an email!

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