"No Sleep For You!"

This post was written at 12:30 am, July 8th 2011.

I. Can't. Sleep.

Turner and I usually go to bed around 9:30, and he falls asleep right away while I toss and turn until about 10:30.

We went to bed a little late tonight, (10:30pm) no particular reason, we just had stuff we needed to get done (prepping for the Potter Party on Saturday - woot). But rather than being extra tired and falling asleep extra quickly, I have been laying in bed, tossing and turning as usual, for two hours, with no end in sight.

So I decided to make use of my time, and do what any good insomniac blogger would do:


About Sheep.

So, as I Googled "can't sleep", I saw lots of cute pictures of sheepies. This led me to Google "cute sheep" and what you see before you are the images that I found.

Aren't they adorable?

I really like them. They're very cute.

You can see how weird my mind gets late at night... I am now counting sheep on my blog.

I believe this is number three...

I like that it's carrying a star.
I love stars, did you all know that?

All kinds. The shape, the ones in the sky... I love looking at pictures of the stars, planets, galaxies, super novas, etc... the universe is amazing to me. If I could count the stars from my backyard, I would much rather do that than count sheep on my blog... but the blasted city lights make it impossible... so sad.

This is number five. 

He made me laugh, so I thought I'd share.

He also made me think of another sheepie I need to find... 

Hang on...

There he is!

It's the fluffy lamb, from Pixar's short film, Boundin'.

I love that he lives in the desert, but he dances an Irish jig.

So funny.

And here he is all "naked and bare", complaining to the Jackelope about how he's been sheared.

The story goes (for those of you who may not have seen it) that the lamb is very proud of his pretty white coat, and when the farmers come to shear it off, he gets embarrassed by his lack of wool, and that his friends all laugh at him. 

The Jackelope comes along, and tells him, 

"Sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're down.
When you find that you're down, well just look around.
You've still got a body, good legs, and fine feet,
Get your head in the right place and hey, you're complete."

It's amazing to me the lessons we can learn if we just stop to look. This is so true! Life is all about perspective. Sometimes we can't control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we react to them. We can either learn to accept our circumstances and move forward with faith, knowing that things will get better, or we can mope in our circumstances and resign ourselves to a sad existence.

I'll take the first one.

I have a friend who has a lot of struggles in her life; lots of health issues that, for most of her life, were unknown by the most specialized of doctors. She never really has "good" days. She has days that are better than others, but nothing she'd ever define as "good". She had a blog where she'd write her feelings and frustrations, thinking that this was one part of her life where she was free to just be herself without being judged as negative or pessimistic. But even there, people started telling her to "lighten up" or "look on the bright side". 

I'm sorry people, but when your life is as mixed up as hers, it's really hard to see the "bright side".

So she just stopped blogging, for fear of offending people.

Recently, she blogged again, and shared this frustration. This girl is so strong. She chooses to do her best to function through her illnesses, rather than be a drugged up vegetable like most people in her situation would. She does her best to take care of her house and husband, be a good aunt, and a supportive friend through ALL her trials. She is doing the best she knows how to move forward, and not wallow.

I really admire her for that. 

You can check out her blog HERE.

Thanks for listening to my late-night ramblings. 
Hope you learned something :-)

Talk to you Monday,

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