Random Weekend Post: Cheers!

Just wanted to give a quick midnight/morning shout out to people in the UK!

For some reason, I'm still awake. I was just checking out my "stats" ya know...

And I noticed that for this week, I have had more hits from the United Kingdom than from the USA!


(So, um... why aren't you guys following me? Unless you are... if you're following a feed I don't get to see who's there. But you don't comment... why? I'm just curious, you know, because if there's something I can do better, to get you to stick around, or share your thoughts, I'd appreciate knowing what it is...)

In honor of this, we have here a photo (courtesy of google images) of Big Ben (at least, I think it's Big Ben, please pardon my inferior knowledge if I am wrong...), a red phone booth, and a double-decker bus.

Because Big Ben is awesome.

We don't have red phone booths here in the US...

And I saw my first double-decker in person last week... in the San Diego Zoo.
How inappropriate.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! You're welcome to travel with me, share a comment or two! And you HAVE to check out Chapterhouse Lane, which is written by a gal we refer to as The American Brit... Hero London weaves an awesome tale, for which your great country was her inspiration.

Thanks for traveling!

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