"I never thought I could be so Happy..."

Twenty-five Cool-Kid points to the person who can tell me from which musical I got the title for this post... and an extra ten if you can tell me who's singing it...

I made a promise, that I wouldn't make any more comments about Alexa Rankings until mine dropped below 500,000.

And it has!

We're currently sitting at 497,367.

I feel so weird about this though, because it's like I'm tooting my own horn... But that's not what I mean to do at all!

I want to take this moment, to say THANK YOU to all of my awesomely cool fellow travelers.

Without all of you, this would not be possible. It'd be just like any other blog on the web, with the only followers being my friends and my mom...

But as it is, I feel like my thoughts are being heard by more and more people each day, and that gives me an even greater responsibility to write good stuff! To ask good questions so that it gets people thinking.

Thank you, all of you. for spreading the word about Page Traveler Tales, and for being here to read it.

You are all, officially, Cool Kids.

Thanks again,

Page Traveler

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