"Love, Mom" Letter 8

 Dear little Monkey,

What a fun trip we had this week! You actually did very well on the six hour drives to and from California.

You got cranky at the halfway point, and then slept most of the way after that. It was really hard to keep you away from your plug and Red Bear, which we usually do at home.

Even though this wasn't a very pretty beach, this was your first view of the ocean! Daddy took you out and ran after the seagulls! You loved it.

Having fun?

Here it comes...

Oooo! Cold Pacific Ocean water!

So fun!

Then we played on the swings for a while with the cousins :-)

We encountered a lot of fun dogs on this trip, and you loved every one.

As soon as we have our own house, we'll get a dog.

Yay for going to the Zoo with cousins!

A banana before the show...

The cutest caterpillar and butterfly ever!

Petting zoo!

You even gave the goat kisses... but I missed the shot... I'm not sure how sanitary it was anyway, so I'm glad I don't have a record of it...

And the cousins have a trampoline! You loved running around on it with cousin Z.

You liked to look through the holes to the ground.

And you literally ran circles around cousin Z.

You did this all by yourself.

We're so proud.

All in all, a very fun trip.

You had fun, and we had fun, and the cousins had fun too! 

I do want to say, for the record, that your aunt and uncle are the ones who made this trip possible. They paid for our gas, most of our food, let us stay with them, and even watched you for free and gave me and Daddy a gift card to go out on a date while we were there. We are so very grateful to them. It was the first real date we'd had since you were born, and the first real vacation we've taken as a family that wasn't attached to some activity or another. We wish we could have stayed longer, but Daddy needed to work today. Maybe we'll go again some time, and get to do more fun stuff.

We love you, Monkey. You did awesome on this trip.



P.S. from P.T.
More on our activities (specifically our date) to come! Plus lots of pictures. 
Stay tuned... find a way to travel with us!

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