"Love, Mom" Letter 7

Dear Monkey,

Poor quality = cell phone's fault.
He put the fedora on himself, he's holding an empty ice
cream carton, and a spoon.
That's my boy.
You are definitely living up to your nickname, kiddo. Climbing the one mattress twice, and the other once, we've had to completely re-organize your room. For a while we considered taking out your "big boy bed" and just letting you sleep on the twin mattress in there, but when we put you in front of both, you went to the Monkey-sized one, and that was that.

I think I've had a much harder time this week than you have, mostly because Daddy and I went to see Harry Potter at midnight. You got to stay at home and sleep the whole time, while your babysitters watched movies in the living room. You were very good, and slept the whole night through.

Then on Friday night, Daddy and I re-arranged the furniture in the living room (just for kicks) and you seemed to really like it. The focal point of the room is the piano now, instead of the TV. You love to play piano for us, and we love to listen.

Also, last week, you played a fun game with one of the piano students. Here's a cute video.

I love your laugh! "HA HA HA!" You're so funny, and you make me smile.

Also, we'll be going on a pretty long drive this week, love. We're going to go to stay with your aunt and uncle, and play with your cousins! We'll get to go swimming, and hopefully go to the zoo to see some fun animals too.

I think you might be teething again, getting your last molars... but I can't be sure, because I can't see back into your mouth. It's amazing that a year ago you barely had two teeth, and now you have sixteen! I love that you can eat just about anything I put in front of you. It makes my job easier, so thank you.

I think that's about it, love. Let's have a fun week, ok? I'll need you to help me get the house all cleaned, and get all the dishes and laundry done, and get our bags packed before we need to leave.

You're the best, Monkey.



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