"Love, Mom" Letter 6

My apologies for posting late,
I was waiting for this photo op...
I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it :-)
Dear Monkey,

I am SO proud of you this week!

Well, let's face it, I'm always proud of you...

But this week I'm especially proud, because you have made the switch to your Big Boy Bed with no problems whatsoever.

You spent all weekend over the 4th of July crawling out of your play pen at Gma&Gpa's house. Then when we got home and started to put you in your crib again, you climbed out of THAT too. Well, by this point Daddy was concerned with you hurting yourself by doing that, so we made the change that very day. July 5th. We put you to bed that night in your big boy bed. We tried to help you fall asleep before laying you down, but you just got more and more mad at us. Then we decided to just leave you in your room and check on you in 5 minutes.

But by that time, you were already asleep.

In the bed.

Good on 'ya kiddo.

I was really worried about making that change, but I guess you were just ready! Like I said, I'm very, VERY proud of you.

Daddy and I think it is so adorable when, every so often, you grab your little red teddy bear, and your plug (pacifier), then crawl into bed and snuggle with your pillow and blanket.

It melts our hearts.

And then this morning's nap time came.

We have had 2 box spring mattresses set up against the walls of your room. One runs perpendicular to your bed, up against the window wall, and the other runs next to your bed, against the wall between you and the living room. This is because 1- We don't have room for them anywhere else, and 2- It helps block out some sounds from the living room and outside. The foot of the mattress in question today (the one parallel to your bed) ends at the dresser, where we keep things out of your reach (ipod and speakers, wipes, diapers, rash cream, etc.).

The Event:
I laid you down for your nap, you were tired, and went just fine. Then, about ten minutes later I heard a huge THUNK, and you started screaming! I ran in as fast as I could, and there you were, at the foot of the dresser along with the wipes, rash cream, baby tylenol and baby powder that had formerly been on the dresser...

How did this happen? I could guess...

But, to find out, I set everything back the way it was, helped you calm down, and laid you in bed again. I laid on the twin mattress next to you.

Silly mommy, I dozed off... Then I heard you moving around. I opened my eyes, looked around, couldn't see you anywhere... I heard you again, and looked UP to the noise...

There you were, kneeling on the box spring, hands on the dresser, reaching for the ipod.


Well... at least you didn't fall the second time, though I would've thought you'd learned your lesson.

To fix this little dilemma, I stood the box spring up on it's end, and shoved it back into the corner. Now you can't climb up onto it, nor get up onto the dresser.

Though I'm sure you'll find a way eventually. That's just the way you are.



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