Make Some Magic

This little ditty is one of our favorites.

Anyone who can make it, who's in Mesa, AZ on Saturday the 9th, is hereby invited to the awesomest Harry Potter Party EVER!

I'm throwing it, so you KNOW it's gonna rock.

We're having pumpkin pasties, and cauldron cakes, and butterbeer, as well as licorice wands, cockroach clusters, and acid pops.

Plus, a rockin trivia tournament.

If you can't come, no worries, I'll take lots of pictures, so you can experience it next week before the movie comes out.

Here's another awesome clip for ya...

Love it.

Thanks for traveling! Sincerely,

The Page Traveler

P.S. Do YOU like Harry Potter? Or do you think I'm nuts? Please share :-)

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