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One of my dear best friends, Erin from The Incredible Shrinking Woman, wrote this letter, and posted it as a note on Facebook. Below that, is a comment from another friend of mine who made a couple of points that I loved as well. I share these with you now, in the hope that you will share it with as many people as possible. Share on Facebook, Tweet it, email the link, whatever you can do, do it. Change needs to happen - we need to get back to the basics of what our country was founded upon.

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Dear Everyone in our GREAT COUNTRY,

I, like most of you, am part of the middle class. I grew up with just enough, with brief periods of plenty and nothing mixed in. I have continued the path of the middle class society. I am a music teacher married to an auto mechanic and we have two kids. I have stood by for too long watching as the politicians and “good ol’ boys” of local and national politics skate by, promising change and making laws that screw people like me while padding their own pockets. I am DONE. I am tired of watching as these politicians start out with good intentions, as many fresh faces in politics do, only to fall victim to the brainwashing that obviously happens during legislative sessions. This great country is great no more.

I am a native Arizonan. I am currently raising my family one street west from the home in which I was born and raised. My parents always made a big deal out of patriotic holidays, impressing on my younger brother and myself how LUCKY we were to be American citizens. They taught us of the sacrifices made for us by generations of patriots that wanted their posterity to be free and prosperous. I am certain that if these soldiers could see what has happened to the land they fought for, they would be rolling in their graves. 

This country is no longer about the unalienable rights spoken of in our founding documents; it is about who can have the biggest and best. It has turned into one ugly place. A place where it is okay to step all over anyone and everyone, as long as YOU are okay. Every other person be damned, forget about the people that supported you in your endeavors, just as long as YOU are prosperous. 

We no longer represent the land where dreams come true; we represent a land desperately clinging to the dream of our parents and grandparents, and then watching that dream fade away as you lose their family home to foreclosure. We are the land of “I don’t care if I haven’t earned anything, I’m going to pretend I care about ‘my’ constituents, writing laws that look good today, but will screw everyone in the long run, AFTER I am out of office enjoying my benefit package”.

Anyone ELSE see a problem with the above? Anyone see a problem with the fact that less than 5% of the population of our country is in control of most of the wealth? How about the fact that most politicians have a benefit package for “serving” our country that includes a cushy retirement package and free health care for LIFE? How about this: finding out on July 13th that starting July 8th (WTF???) the state of Arizona will no longer be accepting applications for AHCCCS (Medicaid). Thanks for the warning! We middle class citizens appreciate that. It is SO nice to know that if you lose your job and health benefits and you have diabetes or some other condition that requires daily medications that the state has signed your death warrant.

I appreciate that our legislators care so much for us and the future of our state that they have dropped us behind PUERTO RICO in spending on education. Way to go! Thanks for showing my kids that you don’t care about their futures, just your own. Oh yeah, legislators, thanks SO much for wasting our tax dollars by sitting in legislative session fighting with each other over petty partisan differences. I am SO glad that my hard earned (and NOT adequate) salary supports what could be the political version of “The Jerry Springer Show”. I love that my legislators claim to care but CLEARLY do NOT. I know so many amazing people in Arizona and other states that come from modest beginnings such as mine and could make a great difference in our world. Unfortunately, because these people don’t have the money to run successful campaigns, they will never be given the chance to make a difference outside of municipalities.

Now, lets take a look at the federal level. Right now, “President” Obama is telling us that if compromise isn’t reached with the Senate and HoR, veterans, disabled, and senior citizens won’t receive any of the benefits they have paid into their WHOLE LIVES! Anyone else see a problem with this? OOH!!! ME! ME! I bet that every single politician will continue to receive paychecks and THEIR benefits, even though they aren’t doing their jobs. The only thing they are doing is fighting like little kids on the playground, red and blue teams, trying to get what they want, not caring about the people they represent. I am truly sick of it. I can hardly stand to watch the news anymore because of the pettiness I see going on between grown men and women of privilege claiming to “represent the people of their party”.

If reading this letter has gotten you good and pissed off, I think we should do something about it. It would be amazing for us “commoners” [in Arizona ]to shake things up. I think we should recall EVERY politician serving at the state level. I know, it might sound like a pain, and it will be, but these legislators promised us things that we will NEVER see. They have gone back on oaths they took for office and have forgotten the reasons they wanted to be in politics. I don’t think they deserve to represent my vote and my opinion any longer. Lets show them how we feel about their choices. Lets give them a wake-up call. Start writing!!! FLOOD their offices with how you feel about the legislation they are writing. If change doesn't start, this is what I propose:

1. Have recall elections in each district. Make them see that their way of “serving” is no longer adequate if they want to stay in office.

2. If they don’t change things, kick them to the curb. I am positive that each district has at least one honest person that can make a difference in their district. Lets elect someone that CARES about the future of Arizona and the United States.

3. Make politics a part-time occupation. All of the founding fathers had other jobs they were committed to while founding our nation. Well, the nation is founded, all we need is fine tuning. Sitting in an office thinking of big words that will confuse the general public in legislation is not necessary.

4. BALANCE THE BUDGET!!! Arizona has tons of revenue. I mean, we have SNOWBIRDS!!! We have golf season year round! We have obviously forgotten how to balance our checkbook. I say we take a hard look at the budget, cut out whats not necessary (huge pension and free health care for legislators and politicians) and put the money where it belongs: education and taking care of our people. Not just the people who have tons of money and don’t want to pay taxes on it, but everyone that is here LEGALLY (I REFUSE to support illegals). It should be a right of every person in our state to have access to  food, quality health care, and education, regardless of income level.

5. If the above works, lets take it to the federal level. Lets watch the politicians lose their composure as they see their constituents politically pick them off, one by one.

I know all of this sounds like the rantings of an uneducated woman who is losing her free ride on the shirttails of the general public. I assure you, it is not. I have a college education, and I have used state/federal programs when in need. We have been on AHCCCS (Medicaid), food stamps, and WIC. Now that I have a job, my family will no longer rely on these programs. They are good programs when necessary, and should be available to all who are in need of them. Its true that I am not particularly well-versed in all things going on in the legislature. What I do know is that the priorities of our legislators are so twisted around that no one can make sense of them. I also know that this letter is going to irritate a LOT of people. I know that change has to come soon or our state and country is going to fall apart. 

I want my children to grow up in the great land in which I was told I grew up. I want my kids to have a happy and secure future. I want change, and not the change that Obama promised us. I want sincere citizens meeting together and changing the direction of MY great state of Arizona and MY great country, the United States of America.


Roseanne's Comment:
As far as taxes go, I think that everyone should have the SAME tax percentage. I do not think it is fair for the wealthy to pay a higher percent just because they have more money. They probably own real estate too so they also have property taxes as well as capital gains tax and all that garbage. Having money is not a crime and yet, they are being punished for it. It's not like they stole it. I would LOVE it if the government would encourage those that are innovative and help to improve our way of life and not just take more of their money. That is one of the major things they are arguing about. They want to KEEP taxing the "rich" more and more when they already pay more than we do. Stealing more money won't decrease the deficit if they can't learn to actually work with a BUDGET! Ugh. If you are out of money STOP SPENDING! I'd like to believe it is possible. All I can do is work on my family to make sure we are living within our means. Maybe one day, the government can do the same.


Thank you for reading. If you got this far, you're probably either nodding you head in agreement, or shaking your fist in fury. All I ask is this: keep the comments civil. I will delete any that I think are offensive or vulgar. I am proud to be an American, but I am just as frustrated with the run-around our government is doing as Erin is, and I can promise you I will be writing to them. 

HERE is a link for Arizonan's to find out who your legislators are, which District you're in, etc.

Again, please share this with as many as possible. If we all follow through, change will begin. We, the people need to take back our country from the politicians who are attempting to turn our Republic into a Dictatorship.

Since this is already long enough, I'll be posting a follow-up on Thursday or Friday.

Thanks for traveling,

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*Feel free to share your thoughts here, or do so when you share it on whatever platform you choose. Thank you again.*

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