Fun and Sun

Wow, I look a bit of a nerd in that picture...

We are so very blessed to have amazing family who
(understanding our financial situation)
actually help PAY for us to go on vacations!

Turner's mom and dad have paid for our gas to be able to travel the three hours to see them (really, so they can see their grandson) and this past weekend, we cashed in a Christmas gift from Turner's sister, of an all-expenses-paid trip to visit them in San Diego.

It was SO awesome.

I haven't been to the beach in like six years or something, and it was the best.

I remember when I was pregnant with Monkey, and Turner and I were trying to prepare ourselves. I'd try to tell him about my "happy place". He tried to describe it to me, to help me relax, but he didn't know what it was I wanted him to describe... So this weekend, I took pictures of my happy place, so that we both know what I mean.

White sand beaches. Empty, but for me and my husband. The waves rolling in to lick at my toes...

That's my happy place.

On this trip, we got to do a lot of fun things that we normally wouldn't be able to.

We went to the San Diego Zoo - which was awesome, as shown in yesterday's post. At which we ALL got sunburned, except for the kids. Of course we're more careful about them than ourselves, but I didn't expect the huge red stripe along the back of my neck/shoulders...

We got a day in the middle to just sit around and chill all day... play on the trampoline, watch movies, play games, and basically run amok.

Then, Saturday morning, we loaded up the little's and went to the beach! Where we got MORE sunburned! And I forgot my camera... sad day. I wish I could show you the HUGE hole Turner dug, and stuck Monkey inside of... that was hilarious. You couldn't see him in there unless you were at least three feet away. Any farther and it just looked like an empty hole. And Monkey just sat there eating his goldfish crackers and getting sand in his mouth (bad diaper the next day, but it was worth it for the cuteness).

We all had fun at the beach. Then on the way back from there, we decided to splurge a bit with our own money, and find a local business to support. After driving around for 45 minutes or so (Monkey was asleep at this point, so we were trying to waste a little time to let him rest) we found a Greek Buffet. Seriously?!?! Yes! We were so excited. It was awesome too! The food was fresh and tasty, and the people there were fun. Definitely worth the stop.

That night, Turner's sister offered to watch Monkey for us while we went on a date. It would be the first date night of ours that wasn't an at-home date, or a date organized around a specific activity (like seeing a movie or show, or an appointment or something).

Plus they'd given us a gift card to Outback Steakhouse.
**insert angels ahh-ing**
We were really excited.

She'd also gotten us tickets to go on a tour of San Diego bay, but we left too late and missed the boat... I was really sad. It didn't help that my monthly visitor came along that day either... unexpectedly... so I was pretty much an emotional wreck on all levels... but Turner helped me calm down, and we went to find a pretty beach on which to watch the sunset.

Relaxing, and enjoying good conversation...

Like my shades?

$10 at walmart... and they don't work at all.


Crashing waves... so pretty!

Turner likes to throw rocks :-)

The sun had already gone down, so the pic wasn't as good as it could've been, but we had a lot of fun running along the waves and trying not to get wet.

I absolutely love my husband, and I'm so glad it's him that I married, rather than anyone else.

The dinner at Outback was awesome. We had a 20 min wait before getting our table, but it was worth it - and I'll tell you why. Since we had a gift card, and a bit of our own money, we went all out. We got fruity frozen lemonades (he got mango and I got strawberry), then an appetizer of coconut shrimp - very tasty, and our entree's were the parmesean pasta with chicken and shrimp, and a fillet and tails dish that was basically a small steak and three half-tails of lobster.

Now, I'd never had lobster before, so I was really excited. And let me tell you, after the 20 min wait for the table, and the 30 min of waiting for the food, that lobster was what made it all worth it. I don't think I've ever tasted something so delicious in all my life... my mouth is watering at the thought, seriously. It was so soft and tender, with the smoky flavor of the grill and the spices on it were just amazing... if you get a chance, go try it. I might just be ordering lobster more often if I can from now on.

So the lesson today is this: be grateful for what you have, and you'll be given more to be grateful for.

I truly believe that the only reason we were able to go on this trip was because we (meaning me) are finally starting to be truly grateful for life, and living it while we can. Turner's sister and her husband were blessed with the abundance to bless us. And for that, I'm grateful.

Live while you can!

Thanks for traveling,

Page Traveler

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