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A big huge thank you to everyone who read and/or shared this post. It means a lot to me that my fellow travelers agree with some or all of the things that were shared by Erin in that letter, and by Roseanne in her comment.

This is not in follow up to any of the comments left, but rather a small post of my own thoughts on the subject of our current government situation.

First of all, let me just say that I am proud to be an American. I love this country. I love the ideals it was founded upon. I love to celebrate the dedication of the Founding Fathers, the government leaders of the past and present, and the men and women in the armed services who have given so much of themselves to the betterment of this nation. When I was in kindergarten, and every school day since, all the way through high school, we stood with our hands over our hearts and pledged allegiance to the flag and the country for which it stands.

I miss those days.

I miss the days when saying "God bless America" wasn't offensive.

The change occurring in this country lately truly has me worried. In my church, I've learned that God's plan for us was to send us here to earth with the ability to choose right from wrong on our own. And those who made wrong choices, or failed to repent for them, would not return to His presence. Satan however, stood and offered another plan. That he would control all of our choices, so that all of us could return to God at the end of our lives.

Satan's plan sound appealing to anyone?

One-third of the spirits in heaven voted for that plan.

He was pretty persuasive. But his plan would never have worked. Agency, or the ability to choose, is an eternal principle. It cannot forcibly be taken away. When we are forced to choose the right, we want to do it even less. Am I right? But we can choose to give it away. People do that all the time. For example, when you make a choice to get drunk, and you temporarily lose control of your senses and your actions.

I tell you this because it is what I see happening in our nation. People are getting lazy. They want to Government to take care of them and make their choices for them. They are giving up their agency to people who don't care. Oh they say they do, but, as Erin so eloquently pointed out, the majority of the government leaders today are only concerned with getting votes, and getting paid.

It's very sad.

What happened to political leaders supporting themselves? They are running for offices in which they are asked to serve the country. Not work for the country.

What happened to selflessness? Government for the people, and by the people. It seems like they're now a completely different demographic. Rather than normal, average citizens leading the country, it's just a money race.

Now, on the subject of government aid programs.

I am, like Erin, a middle-class citizen. Currently, we're closer to Lower-class that I've ever been in my life. But I'm okay with it. We have what we need to survive. Though we are in debt, we are doing our best to pay it off. Up until March of this year, we were quite depended on the Government aid, as well as help from our church. Then, after nearly two years of searching, Turner finally got a better job. Now, we can mostly support ourselves, and when we are short, we can ask our family for help, and it is given. but let me tell you, while we were living on a part-time income with hours being cut more and more every week, the aid we received from the government and the church was a huge blessing.

These programs should not be treated lightly, though I'm afraid many people do just that. Low-class citizens who are looking for a handout, rather than a hand-up take advantage of these systems. Is there a way to stop this? Sure. Why not require community service in exchange for government aid? That way people who just don't want to work will at least be doing some good rather than sitting on their keesters all day letting the tax dollars take care of them. And the people who are serious about bettering their lives will have more to put on their resume when they apply for jobs.

In short, I don't have all the answers, I'm not even that well informed. I'm a high school graduate, stay-at-home-mom, who hears about the news from her husband every few days or so. My world is my home, and my family. But when I hear about how the government can't agree on a budget, and that the aid that helped us so much is not being offered any more, it truly hurts my heart.

What would our Founding Fathers say, if they could see us now?

Thanks for traveling,

Page Traveler

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