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Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 2:


Blown away.













And so much more.

WARNING: If you have not yet seen the movie, and don't want it ruined for you,


I warned you...

This has become one of my favorite moments, and
Narcissa is now one of my favorite characters.
For those who have read the books, the beginning of this movie goes very quickly. They just jumped right into it, which I loved.

*Helena Bonham Carter played the polyjuiced-Hermione SO well.*

The dragon was a sad sight.

Bogrod got blown away...
"That's unfortunate." <-- Loved it! There were SO many of these hilarious little lines in there that the whole theater just cracked up at! I so admire David Yates for being able to do the serious parts so well, and throw in a bit of comedy here and there to lighten the mood so we didn't feel too tense.

I mean, not thirty minutes in, and they were OUT of Gringotts! I don't know what I was expecting, but I hadn't thought of that...

They were able to pull it off without going too much into Dumbledore's story. Which (sad but true from a movie making perspective) was necessary. Dumbledore's history was not relevant to the story that the films have been telling all these years. The films have been telling Harry's story, and anything outside of that, needed to go (again, sad, but true).

Obviously, the books are WAY better than the movies. But, in my humble opinion, This was the perfect ending to the film series. If it had been ANY less EPIC than it was, it would have failed miserably.

Baby Harry... This was a heart wrenching scene...
As it is, I can only think of two things I would have changed.

1. During the duel, at the very end, they have the race to kill the snake, going at the same time as Harry fighting Voldy. I loved that, because it drew out and heightened the tension (can they get the snake before Harry dies, again?) However, the duel stops for a moment while we watch the snake disintegrate, and then it felt like Harry and Voldy said to themselves, "Oh, wait, we were dueling... back to it then!" I just think they shouldn't have broken apart. It would have been smoother, I think, if they'd just had the snake be destroyed, and then immediately, because of Voldy's stunned weakness, have the spells end the fight, and Voldy die right there.

2. I love that Harry broke the Elder Wand, but I wish they'd have shown him mending his own first... I kept waiting for that, and when it didn't happen, I was a bit sad.

Severus Snape: My all time favorite HP character.
Other than those two things, I felt that everything was done extremely well. I am so glad they took the time they did to go through Snape's memories, and that they had Snape say, "You have your mother's eyes." to Harry. Dan did a GREAT job being so stunned by that statement, coming from Snape. I'm also glad they did the Kings Cross Station scene, because I was afraid they wouldn't.

One thing I absolutely LOVED about this though, was the amount of direct quotes from the book that were used. I remember watching some of the other films over the years, knowing something was coming up, and waiting for "that line", you know? And feeling so disappointed when it was different from the book. There's a reason why Rowling's books are so popular, and it's because she's a great writer. Using so many direct lines from the book this time made the whole movie that much more powerful. I'm so glad they did that.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts? What did you like? What did you hate? I'm really into movie-making and stuff, so I completely understand the hardships that come when they have to adapt a well-loved story to the screen. Sacrifices have to be made. But this movie was done very well, flowed smoothly, made me laugh, cry, and scream for joy - and that, to me, is a job well done to those film makers.

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