The Wishing Tree

Today I'd like to tell you about a really fun little book called The Wishing Tree, by Ruth Chew.

This was the first chapter book I ever read, and is probably the main reason why my favorite genre of books are fantasy fiction.

My first copy was given to me by my first grade teacher (Mrs. Roberta Alley) at the end of the school year. I ended up reading it that summer. I remember being so excited to read a chapter book! I don't know if she gave a book to all of her students at the end of the year, or if it was just me, but I remember feeling so special because of it.

The Wishing Tree is the story of a brother and a sister who live in the city (seems to be relatively modern day) near a park. Not a play park, but more like a small version of NYC's Central Park. You know, trees, benches, etc.

The siblings meet a cat.

They find a passage that takes them to a different version of their park, where it's summer instead of winter, and there is a castle instead of skyscrapers.

Through the adventure, they meet a bird, an old woman, and a giant. They swim in a pool that's at the bottom of the waterfall, climb a cherry tree (eat the cherries), and... well, I won't ruin the whole thing for you ;-)

Honestly, I've never come across a book quite like it. And I'm very grateful to my teacher for giving me this book because of that. It's very short, at 140 pages (with fairly large, spaced-out font), but it encompasses so many things that are just pure entertainment. I don't know that it's a literary masterpiece, but as a 7-year-old girl, growing an imagination, it was amazing.

And I still love reading it.

So if you get a chance, pick it up. It'll probably take you a day or two to get through it. Then offer it to all the young kids in your life.

It's just a fun story.

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