A Tale of Two Cities; Sad Day

I am sad to report that I have not made ANY progress on this since my last post, and therefore I will be putting it down for a time. I will probably pick it back up sometime, but I really want to start reading other books.

Part of me feels bad about this. But I have to consider my goal.

If you haven't seen, at the very bottom of this blog is my book-reading goal for 2011. I'm halfway through the year, and not even a third of the way done. I've got to move on.

Like I said, I WILL finish it, but I'd like to get ahead a little before I do that.

Next book:

The Wishing Tree by Ruth Chew

The first chapter book I ever read, in second grade.

I'll post about it soon. Thanks for understanding!

Darci - The Page Traveler

Am I alone in this? I mean, I REALLY want to finish it, but I'm just not attached to it anymore... Have you ever started a book, and put it down for months before finishing it?

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