The Tale of Despereaux

Another new book!


As The Wishing Tree only takes me a few hours to read, I picked up this little guy from the library Tuesday and started it that night.

So far, I've read 19 of the very short chapters (which are also printed in large, spaced-out font). It's very encouraging when one can breeze through chapters like that. Especially after having to fight and push so much to get through one in A Tale of Two Cities.

Despereaux is the mouse. He's the runt of his family, and the only survivor of his litter. He was born with his eyes open, and the largest ears any of the mice had ever seen. His older siblings, parents, and relatives all try to show him the proper ways of being a mouse, but he finds other things drawing his attention.

The title page of this book says:

The Tale of 
Being the story of a 
mouse, a princess,
some soup, and
a spool of thread.

I should also tell you, I've never seen the movie. Though I think it would be fun to read the book, then watch the movie and do a little comparison.

Despereaux's unique qualities endear him to the reader. He is much more human-like in his imagination and observation. He is easily distracted, and easy to relate to.

Also, the author executes a strategy that makes the story very personal. She addresses the Reader at certain points throughout the story, telling us about important words that we should go look up, or giving the definitions in the text, recalling previous events, and foreshadowing others. It's pretty fun.

So far, I'm definitely enjoying this book. For me, it's a breath of fresh air after such a hard read as Dickens. Oh, and on that note, I did find an audio book of A Tale of Two Cities, so I will be finishing it that way as soon as it comes in.

So go to your library, and check out The Tale of Despereaux if you've never read it before, and we'll have some fun discussions about it. And while you're at it, check out The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, which will be the next book I'll start, probably next week sometime, with as fast as I'm getting through this one.

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