The Streets of Elangard, By Hero London

Feeling a bit under the weather today... I think I've been eating too many sweets...

I am only four and a half chapters in... but I can't help it! I LOVE this book! And I am determined to say as many good things about it as I possibly can, so that it will get more attention, and catch the eye of some SMART literary agency or publisher, so that I can one day actually BUY the darn thing and have it on my shelf instead of my computer...

I love fantasy novels. They've got to be my favorite genre of all time. I've read Eddings, Tolkein, Lewis, Paolini, Carroll, Rowling, Owen, Miller... I don't know if you recognize all of those, but they are what I classify as "fantasy authors".

And now I have a new one to add to the list: London.

The characters in this book are so much fun. When you read you can feel Daena-Rose's emotions in your own heart. Whether it's fear, excitement, hesitancy, or interest, London makes it so easy to relate. Plus she is awesomely good at cliffhangers, so you can't help but want to keep reading! Just in the first five chapters there has been so much to think about.

Daena-Rose grew up as a mistreated and abused servant girl. An orphan, she doesn't really remember her parents, but she does recall stories told to her of the great city Elangard. When she hears something she shouldn't have, she realizes her life is at risk, and flees. With the help of the handsome Darrett and the jokester Spartz, she makes her way toward the city of her dreams. But someone is trying to stop her... Why? Who would want to kill a servant girl? Will she be able reach Elangard?

I can not wait to find out.

To read along with Daena-Rose's story, go to and find a way to follow. We're only halfway through chapter five, so it'll be easy to catch up.

Also, I now have The Screwtape Letters as well as the audio book for A Tale of Two cities so I will be reading the Lewis book first, and then I'll finish Dickens by listening to him.

Happy reading!

Darci - The Page Traveler

If you're reading along, what are your thoughts on Daena-Rose's story so far? What do you like, or not like about it? If you haven't been following, do you want to now? What would make it more interesting for you? What would draw you in? i'd love to hear your thoughts in a comment or an email!

Feel free to share this post on Facebook or Twitter with as many friends as you want. This gal NEEDS to be published, so let's give her all the help she can get, shall we?

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